Wasted Feeder - What's the Least Exp you needed to use a feeder for?

Wasted Feeder Heroes


The premise is simple:

What is the worst case of wasting a feeder hero that you’ve seen/had?

What I mean is, what is the minimum amount of required exp to max a hero (either totally or of that ascension) that you’ve then had to waste a feeder hero to complete?

So the winner (or worst) would be when 1 exp is needed… How frustrating!!!

My Record

I’m sure I had a 4 exp needed but didn’t take a screenshot at the time… Thought about making this thread but forgot the SS so didn’t…

Updated Record!! (5th March 2020)

Previous Record

What I have on record is this:

Can you do worse??

Post a Screenshot below on this thread and I’ll update the leaderboard!


Other Rankings

  1. @SupremeAlienRaptor - 3 exp needed - Melendor to finish 3rd
  2. Guvnor - 11 exp needed - Boril to max
  3. @TribL - 12 exp needed - Jackal to finish 2nd ascension.
  4. GuvTheSecond - 12 exp needed - Belith to 1st Ascension
  5. Guvnor - 13 exp needed - Berden to max level.
  6. Guvnor - 37 exp needed - G. bat to max level.
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Not quite the same but early in the game I waited ages to train a 3* hero and got Prisca, was really excited to get her…then accidentally fed her away within 10 mins haha.

Was gutted at the time!


Beat you with 12 exp needed, @Guvnor :smiley:

I had less than 10 exp needed last week, but i didn’t make screen shot and i don’t think this thread was created.

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Not as good as my previous one by 37 exp for this silly bat:

Secondary complaint is that he is at 3/8… I mean seriously?

Lol. I also almost maxed Berden recently.


Well, not really :rofl: after putting 150 xp in him, there’s 1 xp left to max him. Sadly I did not make a screen of putting in last feeder inside his belly, but believe me, it was supersad experience (pun intended)

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Ahh missed that… Well fixed now haha

Two more self entries…

9 exp remaining on Boril…

And from my baby alt, 12 exp on Belith…

I used a 1* for 3 XP once.

20 wasted characters

My worst that I’ve recorded:

3 whole points

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1 point to max Bane…

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At least his special was already maxed


Now I’m a winner too!! Or looser… :man_shrugging:


Aaaand happened again…

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1 xp needed to max Hawkmoon.


Up to 30 feeders for zero xp to max out specials of rares…

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