Wasn’t opted into war

Ok I was getting ready to edit my war and I noticed I wasn’t on the field and I haven’t opted out anyway I can be opted back in

Hi @Just4fun1…the first thing I guess is if you have done a war before?

Yes I been with my alliance for 220 days and haven’t missed a war

Based on this Support Article, and you having been in your alliance for 220 days and having never missed a War, the only things that seem potentially relevant are:

  • Your defense team is empty: You emptied your defense team by sacrificing the Heroes on your defense team.

  • If you have fewer than 5 Heroes in your War defense team.

Is there any chance your War Defense is currently not set with a full team? If so, I think editing it now will fix that and take you out of Spectator Mode.

If not, I’m not sure what the issue is. :confused:

No my defense team is full as always is there anyway e&p can reset me

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You will likely be out of this war. Sorry for the luck. After the war, make sure your defense is set and you are opted in!

Ok, just wanted to check. :slight_smile:

Have you tried contacting Support? I’m not sure if they’ll tell you anything other than to check that support article, but maybe if you explicitly tell them each of those things don’t apply they can troubleshoot.

Here’s the info on how to contact Support if you haven’t already:

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Hi and welcome to the forums.

You will want to file a support ticket.


I have almost unintentionally opted myself out of war when hitting the edit team button, they’re so close together…but yours is checked.

And if you’ve never missed a war, it can’t be inactivity. And didn’t leave and come back.

That really stinks! I hope they can figure it out for you, but unless you were counted during the matching, I don’t think they can add you now that it’s already set.

I would definitely fill out a support ticket, in case it happens again.


Dat alliance chat :rofl:


Thanks everyone for all the help

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Just a tip for the future…edit pictures for content that may be misconstrued as something with a negative ASSociation. :wink:


That’s funny as …
20 char

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