Wascally Wabbit hero or titan

A new hero called Wascally Wabbit.
It smothers Al enemies with milk chocolate, reduces mana completely, and puts them in a euphoric state of mind so they don’t want to attack. And it can only be dispelled if the opponent hits them with a blast of icy water from ice nation.

Titan: Rabbit Ruin.
Attacks all enemies with 100% damage as it buries them in poop pellets. Only strongest antidote can remove this, as the methane from the pellets definitely puts the enemies in a gassed situation.

I figured with the Easter theme you guys are doing, take it up a notch.

On those lapine-related lines, the hypothetical 11* titan could use the sound effect “Ka-click”, or maybe need a special hand grenade to defeat.


11*? Whew! That’s too far off! I was hoping for some action much sooner.