Was this 3400% deal ever real?!?!

Saw this online, but couldn’t verify. This would be a nice little deal.

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It was a very very short offer, seen once and vanished. It has never been repeated. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick info! My goodness, this deal may make a LOT of people happy and maybe rejuvenate things a bit for some of the “I never get anything good” players.

You can vote for it. It’s in the Ideas section, here:

Bring Back the Gigantic Discount Offer


Thanks again, I tried to search for it in case of something like this or if it was brought up.

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You can bookmark threads.

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Done and done. Thanks again. Wasn’t sure if it was real, that would be awesome to see come up again.


Think that’s the one they said was aimed at f2p …made the tournament launch look like a warm hug…apologized and pulled it

still waiting for the 100 arrows daily deal

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Don’t expect it soon.

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Not enough to flat out do a 30x Atlantis pull, but close though by being able to do 2x 10x pulls. But still plenty of dupe 3* and 4* result stories to ruin unlucky players day.


only offer i agree to buy, my forever “anchor”

If they put that offer back up it would crash the servers. I think the term F2P would no longer exist as I can’t see ANYONE passing on that deal. I know it is US based but at that price even in other countries currency I can’t imagine it being bad. $2.99 is CHEAP.

Honestly with the given player base if they launched that even at 4.99 it would still sell like crazy. Imagine at least 1 million people buying it. That is a quick 5 million dollars for a few pixel and bytes of info. And I am sure people would still complain about the pulls but WOW that would be nice again.


Beggars can’t be choosers, but understand your point exactly. Here’s a great deal and they’d get, probably even a new, 3* and make a new thread complaining.

what??!! since when customer become beggar? (eng not my original lang)

In case you do not understand, it’s a saying. It means “better than nothing” but someone would still complain about it.

to be pedantic,

“beggars can’t be choosers” really means to be happy with what you get. That you you have no choice with what is given.

It’s a very appropriate idiom for the Gacha system.

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