Was the Krampus nerf preventable? I think so

I really believe the nerf was mostly to do with money. If they actually cared about game balance, they would have looked harder at Pengi, or maybe Ludwig or Xnolphod. And I don’t honestly think any of them need nerfing, nor did the Christmas heroes. And the buffs were wholly unnecessary and clearly made to entice players to chase those newer heroes while further harming actual game balance more than power creep already does.

All this has nothing to do with actual game balance at all, and anything said by SG to the contrary is lies and spin. Remember, any time they talk about “Game Economy” it is their euphemism for “emptying player’s wallets”.

So in this particular instance, it is clear that they felt Costume Krampus needed to be nerfed for “game economy”. Why? Simply put, enough whales have him that it would have significantly impacted the money spent chasing the upcoming Black Knight costume. Most with C.Krampus simply wouldn’t have felt much pressure to chase C.BK since C.Krampus is good enough/equally as good. So by nerfing C.krampus, now there will be more people chasing C.BK to replace what was lost. And that’s “good for the game’s economy”, which is to say, “empties player wallets faster”.

But it also sets up a prisoner’s dilemma (a classic scenario from game theory, worth looking it up if you don’t know what it is, as variations of this scenario are used frequently by mobile game companies to encourage spending). Specifically: Players would be better off as a whole to ALL boycott the portal when Black Knight’s costume comes up to send a CLEAR message to SG(*). But anyone who breaks ranks and pulls him will get a solid advantage. So of course, nearly all the whales are going to pull like mad hoping to be the one to get that advantage. But, when every whale gets him, the advantage is lost and he subsequently gets telluriakrampused, too.

(*) SG stands for Super Greedy, right?


You literally do not wanna know how many players spend 1 to 2k a week just to run mono. Its the saddest stat in the game.


I don’t like nerfs period. I’ve said it before they need to get it right the first time before they release a hero into the live game.

However, I don’t have the screen shot but Mr. Pengi one shot my fully emblemed and limit broken Ludwig at full health with the taunt activated. I had a level 30 mana troop on him as well. Here’s the stats not including the level 30 mana troop. Plus 84% defense against special skills.

Honestly it was freaking awesome! and I hope they don’t nerf Mr. Pengi, but what bothers me is that if they wanted to kill the synergy it should have been done in a different way. CKrampus was the wrong choice.

What I don’t want to see happen is nerfs across the board. A lot of people spend their hard earned money for a chance to summon a legendary hero. It sucks to finally get that hero to see them nerfed a few months later.


Well said. I hate nerfs as well, I didn’t meant Lud or anyone should be nerfed. I mean that there are a bunch of “OP” hero and combinations outta there and it’s unfair and dumb to smash Krampus or any other hero alone and tell us it was that ONE hero fault that the game is broken…


So Ludwig did his job and protected the rest of the team (who was already benefitting from a mad amount of mana from Ludwig’s ridiculous OP special)? Sounds balanced to me.


I lost that match lol. Honestly I don’t really use Ludwig on offense much anymore. Maybe bc I don’t have Squid man or Alfrike. I’m having a hard time finding the right synergy for Ludwig. If I put slow heroes next to him sometimes it takes to long to fire. If I pair faster heroes next to him the match is usually over by the time he fires. I enjoy using some of my other heroes on offense more.

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Ludwig is slow. He’s dead most of the time. If he happens to fire then there’s an advantage… like every slow hero……

Krampus should have been slow.

If you don’t have Ludwig. U don’t understand he’s hyped. Also top 100 raids was all xmass not Ludwig.

But go on have them nerf more hero’s … keep it up

With out the minion from the xmass hero’s he’s dead.

Really you can’t tell me you have trouble with Ludwig. Other then rush events … put 5 tiles up him what are you doing?? Rainbow??

I’m not a rainbow player nor a weak mono gambler and don’t focus on him too much because he IS slow. I play to neutralize the fastest/biggest threat on a team. Sometimes that is Ludwig. Sometimes I kill a Ludwig only to have a reviver revive him. Sometimes a Wolfgang/Ferrant/Quenell are also there. Sometimes he’s UNDISPELLABLE when he fires. Sometimes I lose big because of the OP undispellable buffs. I’m not crying for him to be nerfed like those did to C Krampus. But it’s a fact that his special is OP, especially when undispellable.

LOLOLOLOLOL. Really? You think Krampus is basically equal to Ludwig but faster? Not sure what to say to that.


I just find it hard to believe that there is a massive portion of the population that spends big and takes Tarlak for attack boost against Fire Titans when they have Miki. Sure there’s a few out there, but… c’mon…

Yes there is some strategy to this Match-3

But for big spenders that have CSabina + Grimble for a dark duo. And then can throw darts blindfolded at the other 3 slots.
Or Skadi and 1 or 2 other heroes,
There is a lot of… judgement for lesser rosters and this extraordinarily high amount of skill on the flip side. Where enough money will purchase the anti-niche and meta defenses are all a joke.

There is a disproportionate amount of skill required to play this match-3…
By comparison to the amount spending!

And a larger percentage of players that spend small to moderate amounts and didn’t have one of the few great counters for minions combined with one of the few great counters for cleanse and dispel combined with one of the few great counters for MN and enough damage left over to finish up.
So many of them were loading up their dodgy mono teams and praying to rngeesus.

Does this mean “Whack-A-Mole” with every new meta is a good move? Only if you want to alienate all your spenders… this rapid big nerf was crazy. I actually believed it contained typos!

At some point, people need to accept that the paywall is growing. And if they don’t expand the tiers then the middle class either need to buck-up and spend more or accept their losses as a logical consequence. Go forth and enjoy the challenge or drop down where the challenge is staying awake…

All the other scurrying about is just a distraction from E&P’s new landscape. Including F2P that never lost to a Xmas defense.

  1. against Krampus (C), dispeller & buff immune caster needed, but I seldom see dispeller used rather than cleanser, by emphasize survive-ability.
  2. players always design team with synergy for the team itself, not adopt team with synergy / strategy against the defending team.
  3. players also much rely to elemental tile for game winning, bcoz it would be much easier than adopting / designing a counter Krampus team. btw, has anybody display, discuss and explain the concept of this kind of counter team?
  4. when there is limited resources, most players would only concentrate training top tiers heroes, and other counter heroes will be left over. btw these counter (anti-minions & dispeller) heroes looks lesser than Krampus himself.
  5. S4 final boss encounter is good for player to train the anti-minions heroes. however, SGG discourage these heroes usage by nerfing the Winter Team, as their minions has weakened that could be easily wiped of by aoe.
  6. has SGG done a thoroughly test & trial on the beta Krampus C?
  7. with a lot of players had invested to hunt Krampus C together with Mr. Pengi, is it fair to nerf without these customers concerned? shouldnt SGG better set up a committee with Krampus C trial team before any adjustment?

in other word, ppl brought a Ferrari with Ferrari price.
1 month later the selling company tell customer : in the data, your Ferrari can run too fast, considering other road users, we replacing a Volvo for your Ferrari immediately, and it is still a car, and that is what you had paid for.


I request everyone to not to ask for nerf. C.Krampus is nerfed and we cannot change it. Now everyone is saying Pengi was the reason and he should be nerfed. We can make best use of Mr. Pengi only if we have good minion summoners. Not everyone has Freya, bera, Motega so no more nerf please. I don’t see many Christmas hero’s defence now. People who pulled Ludwig and xnolphod are lucky and not even 30% of the players in E&P have these hero’s. #No nerf


Yes. I think the worst combo is Pengi + Bera + Motega. Motega’s damage increase from minions, Bera’s poison and Pengi’s barrage and Frost DoT and you’re dead in couple of rounds. Add Ludwig in the mix and it’s lights out.

I am pretty sure there will be March 2022 round of buffs and nerfs, starring Penguin with nerfs and Slayers + Clash of Knights for buff.

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Thing is, mono is the only way to beat these teams when you don;t have an equivalent or deep roster.

When most of your heroes are average and fast (means needing 3x or 4x3 matches to charge them) you cant gamble on multi color teams, as that means that the opponents will charge faster and decimate you.

You gamble on mono and you either win or lose.

Either way the board itself is a gamble as well. I may pick the best suited team with the best possible counters. If their color tiles don’t appear on the board, i lost.

Honestly dont agree with the nerf … I hardly come across the Christmas family bonus in raid… Lower diamond :wink:
But if the highers are going against it with losing effort, on they cant be bothered to change there raid team i do find instresting … These people want to win also …prob have some of these heros too … That makes no sense to me … Sure speculation is on all of that …

11 people gave feed back on CK in the beta thread :confused: (go check if anyone in the beta lounge) iv said my bit to sgg staff about beta testers going forward … Maybe there be some new folk coming in to actually give feedback!!! Whole point of the programme :roll_eyes: unlike the some i belive use to a advantage …


Of course it was preventable.
Why? Because the game currently has beta testers.

Very quickly they found Pengi to be extremely OP. Ludwig and all christmas heroes were available for test. Same with all those minion heroes already mentioned above.

So why wasn’t Krampus-C nerfed? Why did they assume Pengi was decent after the initial nerfs?

I hate to be the one to say it but it’s because of a small sample size. The devs policy so far has been “Feedback received represents only a very small part of the comunity hence it’s not significative” (there are several references for this).
My guess is he went live, soon they checked the stats for the new heroes and found Krampus to be an anomaly.

Another reason is: They just assumed “It’s an above average hero which represents the type of power inflation we want to introduce” and it backfired.

Will we see more of it? Depends on the data stats.

I suspect that OP is on to something here. During January I used around 40 flasks raiding new meta DTs. It isn’t always easy to figure out which mono stacks in which color perform best in a new meta. Needless to say I lost quite a high percentage of those raids. After all the testing and leveling some relevant 4 stars I was probably beating those new DTs 75% of the time. And it’s higher in war when I see related defenses due to no formations.

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It is weird they have nerfs at all since they have players running beta on these heroes. Occasional small nerfs for game balance I could maybe understand but huge nerfs on holiday crew that were so costly to come by was way too much. Why not do a small nerf and then wait and see if that fixed the problem?


This would have been a much better approach.

Just get Krampus C in the Starfall family and buff him even stronger then before for f**k’s sake :roll_eyes:


Is this a direct response to Mr Spock?