Was opt out of alliance wars a mistake?

On the original rollout message when they closed down alliance wars for maintenance… there was a note about being able to opt out of them all together (the leader could). Upon the wars returning my team has been asking me to opt out and to my dismay there’s no options to do so! We used to win every war landslide. Then something was done and we always lose by the narrowest Of margins no matter what we do. Frustration has run rampant to the point where removal of that part of the game would be welcome! Anyone care to weigh in on this / on the program team want to add the opt out code?

The leader can opt the entire alliance out of war. The option is located in the Alliance settings, right under the language preference. The Alliance War box will have a checkmark…uncheck the box to opt out.

Thank you so very much! W I was looking under the war tab high and low. Wasn’t thinking to look there!

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Emojis don’t seem to work here. Praise hands became “W” :3

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Would it help to point out to your team that there is absolutely no consequence for losing a war? I can see morale being a factor, but there isn’t even any record keeping for the war, so the only thing that happens when you opt out is that you have no chance to win. I know the loot sucks mostly, but sometimes rare stuff shows up.

@Redeye Morale is at all time low. Alliance members are yelling at each other blaming them for losing war after war leading to them just not playing war at all… I myself have yet to get anything useful from the war loot and I have done 400 pts of damage in a war and won back when they started. We are playing this one out just to see what happens but we had an alliance of 28. We are down to 18 due to this one game addition and all the bad things (dynamic ) it added on our once friendly group :frowning:

Wow, that sucks. Sorry to hear it. To be honest, I hated the war right out of the gate, but now it’s about the only thing I actively look forward to. I’m alliance leader, so it’s my call to stay in them and I always try to control
the damage done by everyone’s reactions with some success, but not always. I have been bouncing around alliances with my alt account, and whenever I was in a group that did not participate in the wars I would leave asap. Everyone has a different reason to play, and managing 30 egos is a chore. Are you in the Line Leadership group? You may find some sympathetic ears there and some tips for how to deal with it. Good luck.

Maybe this guide can help you raising the morale. At least you can take a look and speak with your comrades.

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