Was Marjana nerfed? Why is her DoT amount lower than expected? [Answer: Heroes must be maxed for DoT amounts to be maxed.]

Hey folks just a quick question. I’m aware that every hero needs to be max level for the maximum damage. My question is in regards to a special skill though. If a special skill is supposed to do a certain amount of damage over time once you’ve maxed the special skill (8/8), will you still need to max the hero to see that damage listed? For example Mariana is listed as doing 458% damage and 300 DOT. However my partially leveled Marjana has a fully maxed special skill so she does say 458 % damage but the DOT on my Marjana says 228? Will that finally go to 300 once I max her or was she nerfed or perhaps SG needs to update the card?

DOT factors in the Attack stat. Her DOT will go up to where themax cards says


No. The damage scales with her attack statistic. Please see this recent thread:

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OK I thought it might be linked to the attack Stat but wanted to be sure. Thanks all for clearing this up, sorry for the unnecessary post, wasn’t sure what to search for

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