Was Kiril always such a weak Healer

Today I was wondering the first time, how little Kiril heals, compared with e.g. Rigard.
With 919 HP (Ascension 3/4, Level 60, 8/8) he heals only 260 Points.
I noticed this, when a NPC in province 23 hit him with almost 300 damage.

And if I’m right, the attack power doesn’t affect the amount of healing, but it’s affect the damage. So for Kiril 50% of his own Buff is useless. I know…the other heros have a benefit, but until today I thought, the healer benefits too from increased attack power.

And on the hero card, the number below the sword, ist completely useless for a healer (for a healer’s “function”), only useful while clearing the board.

Is this correct?

Huh? Kiril heals, gives a defence buff and gives an attack buff

How is that weak


Imagine this:
One move after Kiril buffed, you get dispelled. All that you have now is his healing with 28%, 12% less than Rigard or Sabina. Alberich heals 612 HP, that’s more than 65% in case he heals Kiril. And Belith heals 32% and removes Buffs from all enemies - and she is only a 3 Star. So from a 4 Star like Kiril I expect more than just 28% healing and Buffs wich expires after 3 Rounds.

And I don’t know, how much the defense Buff granted…in numbers like “If you get hit by this hero, you get 200 damage less”. But it’s not a game changer.


Imagine this, one move after alberich buffed, you get dispelled, this goes for boldtusk too

Kiril is a solid healer/buffet, and has a high pick rate

EDIT: also how could I forget; Ares

With a debuff it makes him completely usless, and albi too, except u have a chance to revive, but without health they will be killed in 1 hit

So if you’re going to be mentioning debuffers, take in mind these heroes


First of all, let’s post him in his full glory:

To say he is useless when debuffed is to make a non-statement: All heroes lose their buffs when they get debuffed.

What bothers me is that his special only lasts for 3 turns. Was it always so? I want to go look at the notes for the last few versions and see if Kiril was nerfed…

EDIT: No nerf going back to v1.4 release notes (the last ones listed). Odd. :confused:


Have him he is awesome

Hi, I think a 60 or 70 leveled Kiril when triggered in opponent’s raids is annoying enough :grimacing:
Having said that I recently noticed something with his special skill overriding what was there before.
During a raid I hit Kiril with Valen’s special skill of -34% defense for 6 turns. 2 more turns into the raid (I am sure about that :slight_smile: ) Kiril’s special triggered and it completely removed Valen’s, kind of completely overriding the existing -34% defense. He was now healed and up with +30% attack and +30% defense good for 3 more turns. Is that expected or a bug?

I mean at the least I was hoping that somehow Valen’s -34% defense and Kiril’s +30% defense would net. If we bring # of turns into this scenario then it becomes complicated so I will keep that out. So then shouldn’t Kiril still be left hurting with a net of -4% defense for maybe 4 more turns, right? Is that not how these similar things stack against each other?
Please clarify and/or share your thoughts. Thanks.


As far as i’ve played, buffs/debuffs override each other all the time. Nothing new here and i don’t see why they would change it.

As for the original post @BenSon.

Kiril gives a buff. Thats what makes him more liked than Rigard. If he started giving the same amount of heal as the other 4*s, then what makes him so special now? He would be way too powerful if he had 42% heal AND gave 30% atk/def buff!

As others have pointed you are using him because of his buffs. Have you faced off against him when you cant take away his buff? He’s a horror to deal with it.

I don’t think you are seeing the whole picture here…


Kiril is awesome. A maxed Lianna can no longer one shot maxed 4*s with him active, I run another healer for more heal effect. Kiril heals less, but his buffs are great.
Btw, if he gets debuffed, he at least has healed a bit, while Wu Kong, Cyprian and Borils special have done nothing if they get debuffed. They must be very weak indeed if we are going to use the debuff argument.

When I am facing Athena in a raid, I love how Kiril overrides her special, not always possible to time his special, but when it works, it works like a charm.


Seriously, he gives you heal attack and defence.
What else… Coffee?


Kirin was my first healer. I think he is awesome!

I have him & he’s the guy who kept me competitive through 300+ raids & helped me complete several rare quests before I pulled Rigard.

Now I’ve got a healer stable of Kiril, Rigard, Belith, Alberich, Sabina, & Boldtusk (not all leveled, of course). Soon, I’ll have a ton of options for my defense team.

Having just gotten stomped by a defense team with Kiril on point with Alberich & Boldtusk on his flanks, I can attest that Kiril was the card that foiled my strategy (although having Alberich, who was buffed by Kiril, revive him one turn after I finally killed him just rubbed salt in the wounds).

Kiril is one badass, beer guzzling dwarf I intend to work like a dog.


He pairs well with Triton to get a good heal + both A&D buffs.

Kiril was my first healer.

He came at a desperate time when I had ZERO healers and I was about to quit the game because I couldn’t finish rare quests without a healer

I pulled Kiril and then ANOTHER Kiril and ascended both without question.

The rest is history

My only mistake was to feed the dupe Kiril away as I was a bit ignorant about war, variety and all that, at that stage

In short: He’s great. Weaker heal but the ‘debuff reverse’ is fantastic

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It looks like you understand Kiril right, but quite a few people think much more highly of him. There’s no 4* for blue or for healing that I’d rather have. Yes, he can be countered by an opposing Melendor. Or you could use Melendor yourself, and the extra healing could be countered by Colen or something instead. Meteors on your face. Either way, any effect can be nullified. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Woah, little insensitive there my friend…

Also, everyone knows this topic is two years old? Right?

I guess that just shows what a great future proof design Kiril was as he’s still regarded as one of the best 4*.

Someone seems to have unearthed the Necronomicon. I’ve seen a few back from the dead threads, though I may be confusing my deep dive to figure out what all is available in the forum.

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A bit off topic, but are we discourgaging post necro now?

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I more find it entertaining, but I could see it being an issue for some


Generally, yes

The game has changed so much that anything pre emblems etc can be completely irrelevant and confusing.