Was it a bug to change the silk glove price in the middle of the day?

Started at 300 then went to 500. Is that something I should expect from now on? Or accident? Thx

What are you talking about?

I think maybe there was one of those offers for Fine Gloves? Those 3* ascension material offers are almost always 500 gems.

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Okay. It never was 300, it has always been sold for 500 gems.

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Iā€™m fairly sure it was 300 when it first appeared, and an alliance member confirmed they saw it as well. Then changed. We both could be wrong, but fairly certain I saw it.

Maybe it was accidentally 300 then they corrected it to 500.

Yeah, that was kind of what I was asking. Kicking myself for not pulling the trigger. I have like 20+ stuck waiting for gloves.

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