Was AW Chest always 25 wins for fill?


I must admit I didn’t play close attention before the update, but I thought it was just 5 wins to fill?


I believe I read somewhere that each win will count as 5 points and a loss will subtract 1.


OK. That would make sense of why I thought it was five wins. Thanks for the fast response


Just looked at the notes. 5 points for a win and you still get 1 point for a loss.


Thanks. I should have thought to do that


When first introduced, it took 5 wins to fill the chest. Now it takes 5 wins, 25 losses, or an appropriate combination of wins and losses, e.g. 4 wins and 5 losses.


It’s a better system IMHO. Gives losing teams a chance to continuing filling the chest


It would be better at 20 points to open a chest: 4 points for a win, 1 point for a loss.

My alliance is going to need 25 wars to crack a single chest with the horrendous matchmaking.


Well hopefully the new update has fixed the poor matchmaking and you’ll smash that chest open in the first five AW! Good luck!


I think its now if you win a single raid you get the points to fill a chest so if you win 5/6 raids you should fill the chest. Before It was the alliance had to win 5 wars.


Nope. Your individual performance in the war has no bearing on the chest - other than that you have to use a flag in the war to get credit for participation.

Filling the chest is based on the performance of the alliance. You personally get credit only for consecutive wars you participate in - IN THAT ALLIANCE - when the chest is opened.


Hazard, what you’ve said is true as far as opening the chest. But, SG has put out that your individual performance will affect what you get out of that chest! So it will have some bearing on the chest.


I haven’t seen that. I have only seen that individual participation has bearing. If SG has said anything about performance, they would also need to explain on which metrics they would base this: War points? Total Hero kills? Total team kills?

I don’t believe this is the case as it would encourage competition between alliance members for best performance which would be at odds with the overall alliance goal of winning the war.