Was a Titan chest nerfed in version 27?

Yes and they were nerfed in versions 1 through 26 as well and wu kong miss rate continues to climb with every update



My main response to this thread:


In my opinion, good loots depend on the player profile.

They probably are related to How much time you play and the level that you are.

More chests opened, higher level, better the chances of good loots.

I perceived a worst Titan chests at this version, but an increase of good one on Monsters chest, vision, etc…

Maybe the chances could bem improved after some opened chests

When was v27 released? Feb 20th or so? Since that time, I’ve gotten the following Titan loot… my alliance typically faces 8* Titans (sometimes 9*) and I’m always either A+ or A grade loot:

1x Chainmail Shirt
–> 1x Damascus Blade
3x Fine Gloves
1x Hidden Blade
2x Scabbard
4x Sturdy Shield
2x Tall Boots
2x Trap Tools
1x Warm Cape
10x Monk emblems
2x Atlantis coins
1x 3* Trainer
7x 2* Trainer
4x 1* Trainer
2x World Energy Flask
1x Raid Energy Flask
1x Titan Energy Flask

Titan Chests have been crap for a long time (my recent chest was 3 loot tickets, 3 gems, and a slap in the face, and a kick in the 'nards). And as for Titans, I aim for C or B grades. I’ve gotten better loot from a C grade than I have for an A+. Every time I get an A or A+ I loathe checking the loot.

Titan Chest, if I remember correctly I only have unfaramble AM once, so far I played one year.

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Got A tabbard today :slight_smile:

Can I just clarify… the OP talked of Titan CHESTS not Titan LOOT. That may not have been what was intended, but nevertheless there are many people talking at cross purposes here. My comment for example was about the terrible Titan chests (documented) … Titan loot is fine

Showing up all you got in 3 years?:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I got a Tome of Tactics in my last Titan chest.

Last A+ I got a tonic. Cannot complain about Titan rewards

:grin::grin::grin: No. Actually I’ve had it pretty good last month, most of the pics are no more than a month or so old, and only the tournament shot is from december 2019. I know it’s difficult to believe (I also couldn’t believe my eyes) so here’s pic’s details where the date is shown. Of course it’s in my native language, but month’s names are pretty similar to english, so there should be no trouble identifying them

Actually Wu’s miss rate is now 142,5%… this is a well documented and widely known fact.


Back to topic to original poster… Titan Chest, NOT Titan Loot.


Really? I play since 2,5 years and Titan chest has always been :poop:
Why don’t I get better stuff then? :flushed:

Yeah, I realized that after I posted. The wanted chest loot has never been great. I get better stuff from titan loot.

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I’ll complain about the titan loot, but not the titan chest. We are hitting 11-12* titans, My last 10 titans, I have had 3 A+, 6 A, and a D (12* escaped). I have got ZERO non-farmable mats, not even a measly orb.

Two titan Chests I did get a scope and a tonic.

It’s annoying and frustrating when I use (waste) mana pots and tornadoes to get an A+ and get nothing, when my alliance mates get 4* mats with Bs. Not that I begrudge them that, it makes tha alliance stronger, but seriously, c’mon! Throw me a bone (and not a dragon bone)!

Some people get lucky and some don’t. I haven’t had anything good in my Titan chests for quite some time but people in my alliance are always getting good stuff from Titan Chests and mystic visions. Me, nada. It’s not unlike how I just drew 20 heroes from Atlantis this past weekend and didn’t draw a single Atlantis 4* or 5* (nor have I ever had a 5* and only 3 4* despite having finished both easy and hard levels) but people in my alliance did single pulls and got Ursena and the HOTM. It’s all luck and chance. Luck is not with me for a while but someone somewhere is getting it.

What is your level after 2,5 years? If you are higher than level 40 and is fighting Titans higher than 7 stars, I think is really a bad luck… Really Sorry about

My Titans chests at First levels was worst than now. I am at level 39 now, after 7l8 months playning the game and I am fighting Titans 6/7 stars. The Titan chests has 1 or 2 3stars ascencion itens in most of the time. 4stars acension itens are more rarely.

Level 62 and fighting Titans between 10 and 14 stars (depends on which alliance I am in) and nope…always bad loots from chest.
I got two accounts (other 42) and my experience is that it does not matter which level your are or which titans you fight against. The loot stays the same.
The only chest which is related to some kind of level is raid chest.

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