Was a Titan chest nerfed in version 27?

Everyone in my Alliance have noticed that Titan chest is pretty much useless after upgrade. Before, it was always a good chance to obtain 1-2 non-farmable mats from the Titan chest, but now, after the upgrade to version 27, I can’t find anyone who received anything useful from the Titan chest. I believe that this change was never announced by SG.

I seem to get more crafting materials than anything else but that’s been happening a while now

For me it’s happening for the last 3-4 weeks, after the update to version 27.

It would be nice to know if any changes have happened or if its just rng being crud as usual

I’ve been complaining about the titan chest forever. It’s never been great.


May be once in a very long while I get something useful most of the time craps, same with the loots…I try to enjoy the game and stopped bothering.

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Titan chest loot has always been the same or worse than a regular monster chest for me.

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Proof that they’re not nerfed…



Wow, wish I were getting your Titan Chests.

Most of mine have been crap for 20 months.


You have been incredibly lucky up to now.

I have been playing almost 3 years and argued a long time ago that the Titan chest should be dropped because the loot is so poor. Yes, occasionally you get something good, but very rarely. All other sources are better…

I track loot from all sources, and my six monthly summaries going back to July 2018 give me either 3 or 4 nonfarmable mats in each six month period. We kill between 2/3 and 3/4 titans

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Yes, it’s outrageous… I only got 4 × 4* AM’s from titans in the last 10 days… definitely nerfed since v.27…

And they didn’t stop here either… they also nerfed Mystic Vision…

… and elemental chests…

…and tournament loot…

This is an outrage! Stop nerfing our loot!


Nope…Titan chest is quite often useless for me. Killing 5 Titans should give you more than the usual nonsense.

Not nerfed, just always cruddy for the amount of time/effort required to fill it.

Is what it is at this point, I have better luck getting 4*AMs from MV than titan chest.


Well not people are lucked like you :frowning:

I don’t win a SINGLE unfarmable 4* ascension item (except for rare quests) from ANY source at least from 2-3 months (if not more). Neither from titans, wars, chests (of any kind), mystic vision and so on. Sometimes I pick an unfarmable 3* ascension item, but VERY rarely.


My titan chests are nerfed since V1.1 so no nerf at all.


FWIW, the picture you uploaded only has two sources that could have delivered a 4* AM.

MV with a VERY low probability and a wanted mission. That is a very low sample size.


I’m in the same boat :poop: with titan wanted chest loot.

I just expect to get farmable loot at this point from all wanted chests.

  • I ‘m agree with you the Titan chest become almost “empty” in last weeks, you fight a lot to defeat them and when îs coming time for opening the chest …surprise (just common materials, nothing to make you happy!
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I’d say no… This is from earlier today.


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