Was 7-4 nerfed?

I have used 7-4 to fill monster chests for quite some time. Originally, I used 8-7, but a thread post by Revelate to either Gryphonknight or Kerridoc pointed out how substantially better 7-4 was: he leads, I follow.

Now, though, it looks like the five monster mobs have fled. This has me farming 6-8 for monsters.

Not for me. 7-4 is still my fav farming when i am in hurry to fill the monster chest. Still get 15 monsters per run in average

Have not gotten above 14 last several days.

Lucky you! I’m getting 11 monsters. Wash!

Where you hunt your monsters Rook?

6-8 gives 13 monsters and 9+ recruits per 3wep

I hunt 6-8 daily. I’m either not paying attention closely or it doesn’t love me. :wink:

I get between 14-16 in 7-4
Lol, was actually auto farming there when I saw this thread, so counted 16 this last pass

Then it does not love me either.