Wars/titans – do any alliances participate in these?

Are three any alliances out there where the players actually partcipate in these? Nobody from the one im in now does.

There are thousands that do, war and titans are the primary reason to be in an alliance


My suggestion to you is to change alliance ASAP, you are missing big parts of the game.


Most do, I would say.

Those are the only game components that give any reason to be in an alliance. The other reason is chatting, socialization, and support.

It sounds like your alliance isn’t very active, unfortunately.

You may want to consider checking out #alliance-recruitment and finding a new home. :slight_smile:

Ive noticed, Im working on that now.

Thanks. Ill do that.

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If you consider changing alliance, our alliance family have all in active alliances playing on different levels. Line id: djlite247

Good luck in finding a better home!

there is an alliance recruitment section in the lobby. browse through there see if you can find yourself a better home. good luck to you


My alliance, Gryphon’s misfortune does. We are still looking for dedicated daily players.

I have no idea that there are players that do not do this. In my alliance everyone does. It is a chance to get mats

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I recommend you check out any of the alliances that are reaching out to you. Alternatively you could check the Alliance Recruitment thread or even create your own topic in that thread.

I don’t recommend that you do a general search in the game or you may end up in another dead alliance.

You are going to enjoy the game so much more with an alliance of active, friendly players who enjoy the wars and fighting titans.

Good luck!

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True Christian Souljahz is recruiting and good participation