War's problem

A lot of people have the same problem, when prepare the shoot and start the battle the screen is freezer and lost it. Another problem is that the game closed and lost the shoot too.

When in the battle and i almost win, suddently stuck and lost it, and i have no point. Can the program fix it ?
Many thx.

Went to start attack on war and screen froze and program crashed.

How in Sam hell is a team that has 102k points remotely even close to being put up against a team with a top score of 94k points. This is an extreme handicap given. Totally ridiculously unfair and needs fixed. My alliance has not had an even match-up in over 3 months. A fix needs to happen. We are getting really frustrated and upset with this game and some our ready to quit playing all together. Please fix it. Rules even state that machups are based on teams equal to each other. I can understand a few thousand point differance. This 10k point difference is just a slaughter. There is no way that there aren’t even machups with how many different alliances there are playing this game.

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Won a battle but when I went back to the war screen it froze and was just updating. After a while it didn’t registrared my win and I lost a flag and revived 0 points.