Wars pairing – why is a 2 person alliance paired with a 29 member alliance?

I have one player in my alliance at level 13,why would I get paired with an alliance that has 29 members?

How many alliance members in your alliance? If 30 members, did someone opt out of war in your alliance?

1 member at level 13

You only have one person in your alliance? Just trying to make sure I I understand

Yes 1 + me. 2 total. Other alliance has 29 members

Most probably 27 of them are opted out of war


Looks like they have a lot of inactives

Guess I will know soon

Only 2 in the war out of 29


Sometimes, you can check how long ago some of them are connected to the game, it will give you how many or who are likely to be at AW.

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Army of file corpses in a zombie alliance. Call “awake” and nothing happens.

If matchmaking would allow different amounts of attacks for both alliances, complaining wouldn’t ever stop.

Most likely this.

My alliance only has 14 members, 11 opted in for wars. We’d oftentimes get matched against 30 member alliances. Because as it turns out… only 11 of them had opted in for wars, most of the other 19 were totally inactive for 100+ days.

Those were actually fun wars for us, and we won most of them.

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