Wars, miss match again

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I dnt see how these 2 teams can be matched, or how our war scores match. Yet again the difference favours the other team,

Come on 12, 3k members to our 5

They might/should have many people opted out.


last active: 9 days ago

Also we can’t see how much depth they or you have. We have won wars that only based on top teams we shouldn’t have. They just couldn’t keep up with our depth.

That Ag has at least three players, who have been opted out, since there were two players offline 9 days and one 90 days. So those have been automatically opted out. That alliance don’t seem very active to me. So you actually might have change, if you are all active. :wink:

Sorry but you can’t say it’s a mis match until the war is over. There are a lot of variables that are factored in.


Vepar group only been going 21 days, and alot of our members dnt have tht many teams, and alot of us have been on less then a month

Not much, alot of members only been on afew weeks, alot dnt have many teams, and are new to the game, the alliance its self is only 21 days

Your war scores match:

  • 133233
  • 133270

War scores are dependent on:

  • each player’s top 30 heroes
  • …top 5 heroes (weighted)
  • …top troops
  • total number of players
  • number of wars won/lost
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