Wars in game

Good today for me alliance came the first sign that the war is coming back here in Brazil. Pleasure my name is Paula but in the game I am known as Rowenna I am of the Alliance BOPE Tropa de Elite and all the people that participate in my alliance are all united we are very united to each other and one always helps the other within the alliance and we were discussing today about the return of the War and we really like the changes because now there is no more arrow that attacks our heroes that cause them to die in the moment they are giving more chances for us to be playing fighting in the war for our alliance and I believe this is very good not only for the players here in Brazil but for all the players in the world logically that we will be with you in the war and fighting for our alliance of Russia that remind you of France, because we do not know the Alliances extension worldwide and we know that the game is worldwide and has many cultu different battles but we are all connected by the same game and these battles are not only to win or lose in my opinion it is for us to unite and know each other more and more to know the size of the game around the world and meet players who can exchange ideas with the people and change strategies knows for all we join in a game only that is my opinion and I believe that there are many people who think the same way I do. Congratulate all game administrators on all of the people who are involved in running for our best and getting us to reach our ultimate purpose which is the evolution of our heroes even those four stars or five stars whatever it matters that this helps a lot in the evolution of the game and in our evolution as a player as well.