Wars for low level alliances


I’ve seen a lot of people complaining on the boards about the 30 hero requirement for wars, especially for newer players who haven’t had time to build that level of depth. I think the devs could create a smaller war for alliances below a certain threshold (say top 500), in which each player only had 4 hits so that they would only need 20 heroes. This could help alleviate some of the complaints about wars so far.


30 héros??? OMG c’est mission impossible. Adieu guerre…lol
Il faut de l’évolution, c’est peut-être pas définitif. Patience (espoir lol)


I have a feeling that in the coming weeks most everyone will start working to get up to 30 usable heroes. Many were likely caught off guard, and I feel certain this will rectify itself in time.

Maxed out 3* heroes are quite viable in AW. Well, at least some of them are… :grinning:


Bonjour, j’ai pas encore participer aux guerre, cela viendra. Merci pour l’info. Il est vrai que lorsque j’ai lu qu’il fallais 30 héros uper j’ai limite paniquer lol.