Wars enemy aid and enemy arrows

Hey might make the war little more intense if you made enemy aid and arrows completely random where you have no idea what the next revenge will be could be arrows could heal could be double arrows are heal could be a intense win are frustrating loss

Haven’t you had enough randomness for one game?


I thought it was going to be specific to the enemy rather than the whole team.

But it seems to be working ok. I don’t think I’d want it to change in one attack from arrows to healing etc, that would be really difficult to fight!

I don’t like the idea of random. Relentless optimizer think about setting up defense based on what war rules are in effect.


Maybe more random ascending items and troop drops could use more random myself

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Kerridoc, this war rule is for both teams or you just see what opponent’s bonus is?

in Update it is written: Each war now has a specific War Rule in effect. War Rules change how the enemy team is supported during battles.

So you just only see what opponent has, not you…? Your defense is random, because you don’t know what bonus YOU have?

No, it’s the same for both. If your opponent has arrows, you have arrows

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where it’s written? In Update it’s written “War Rules change how the enemy team is supported during battles.”

When they are attacking your teams, YOU are the enemy to them, so your teams will get enemy aid as the other alliance attacks them. It’s just like the arrows, both sides cursed equally.


As much as I hate all these gimmicks the devs keep hashing out for wars, I’m kinda liking this randomizer… But not at full force, they should be toned down version if the existing defense aid. So that bar at the top can fill up as usual, then BAM you get a defense special akin to that of Rumpelstiltskin… Hahaha, I can picture it already. But again, I think the key is to have a milder version of these existing specials. I like it…

Could we have updated heros from drops… lets face it… who still wants to be leveling up with nightshade, fletcher, kenjiro to name a few… when we are on limited resources… you always seem to introduce new heros… but never clean out the trash…

It’s our second war where our enemy has got enemy aid that does not seem fair come on guys

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Hawk you should have enemy aid also

Thanks next war in 12 hours will keep a look out

But back to ascending items I have 38 5 star hero’s and only 9 5 star hero’s maxed for me makes no more sence to spend money on hero’s and also I’m not throwing my money down the toilet for chance of ascending items also on another note troop leveling if you check on the forum Thier is a troop leveling chart and by those calculations it is impossible and no way around it you have to spend cash to level a troop to 30 I’ve been playing for over a year pretty much 16hrs a day and filling chests and refilling chests with coins $6000 to $7000 you would have to spend to fully level a 4* troop now Rook could you give us a more accurate figure maybe impossible with the random troops summons wouldn’t mind having a more accurate number when I go to the bank to refinance my home :wink:

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You don’t see your own war aid, and I think this is done purposely so people won’t cry they have x war aid and we only got y war aid and all the crying that would come from this

Thanks drob got my guys going on about it

The war rule is same for both teams.

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I just spent 15 min in a war fight killed all but there healer n with enmy aid it was getting double heal to. We came up n I fought n fought couldn’t kill well time ran out n I only got 13 point for killing all but 1 person I think healer shouldn’t b allowed to get the heal bonus

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Why not? Only because you didn’t have killed one?
By the same reasoning then enemy arrows should only harm heroes when they are at their 100% HP.

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