Wars cant go on like this anymore!! We need something new

Hi @all I’m usually not that active in the Forum but today it kinda struck me.

Aside from todays finishing in todays Challenge Event in all 3 ladders around 90000th place and 12000 place because i so didnt care I just wanted to write and op-ed if you want about THOSE DAMN WARS we are currently playing over and over and over again.

So even if this doesnt get much traffic here goes:

I think you all know what I’m talking about here and i cant speak for Alliances outside the TOP 1000 but are you all really happy what we are currently doing? Really ask yourself.

We are fighting 6 horned Trees 2 times a week with the almost same Hereos at its side over and over again nobody seems to care and all its coming down to is talking about nerfs of Heroes people paid money to get!!!

Many argue stop complaining Telluria is a challenge for everyone and overcoming her is a challenge well that might be so but NOT every damn day in every aspect oft he game.

Where is the damn problem introducing a Tank color cycle in every war or every two wars? Would that really hurt anyone? Probably the crazy big spenders a little but guess what they will still spend after whining a bit so personally i dont mind putting up my Alasie every 10 Wars as a Tank just to get some variety into the game. I mean the same restrictions are possible for Tournaments why not implementing this in the game?

It just doesnt feel right fighting the same Hero set ups again and again its no surprise many quit. Maybe not because of bad pulls but simply because the gameplay is so stagnant fighing 95% Tellurias in War/Tournament/Regular Raids.

So do SOMETHING!!! Introduce new War Buffs for the defenders, new roles like War Co Leader with the power to mark and lock targets, Tank color restrictions and new regular Season 1 Heroes.

Dropping Mic :stuck_out_tongue:

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