Wars are (still) fun, but

there is a risk that this will change soon. The problem is, that we will see only yellow tanks (thanks to Guin) and therefore the game is going in a “push for purple” direction.
That means less diversity and less fun. All leveled heroes of other colors will sooner or later be benched.

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I don’t know. We’re warring against other 7*/8* titan killing alliances and it’s been a blast, tight matches, close finishes, leapfrogging leads, and individual players being able to make the difference at several pivotal moments during the war. And we are definitely not seeing Guinevere all over. We do see a lot of Kashhrek though.

It seems Guinevere mostly messes up raids/war for the P2W players and those that face them?


I agree with Bertus. I haven’t really seen Guin in most of our wars, and our Alliance does indeed beat 7* / 8* alliances.

There ARE a lot of Karsheks and Kirils and BoldTusks as tanks.

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Same range here as well - 7/8 star titans.

Not heaps of guin tanks though. More gm tanks than guin (and gm gives me more trouble cos I’m loaded on purple heroes!)

Definitely haven’t found a problem

Our matches have been close and exciting ever since the new war score was implemented. I want to say that every chance I get because I certainly complained every time we had a bad matchup (which was EVERY TIME) before the war score.

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I am not talking about matchups - they were all fine.
But out of the last 10 wars we fought 9 with yellow tanks - and this is kind of boring as all we do is pushing purple heroes.

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This will run in cycles. When there will be overproportional many purple heroes on player banks yellow tanks will become suboptimal. :smile:

It will be important to notice this before others do so you can be an early bird and get the advantage.

The AW strategy of colour-coordination will turn the “every”-top-player-uses-Guin into “every”-top-alliance-uses-yellow-tanks, and amplify that “every” while at it.

But less diversity won’t always mean less fun. The in-depth exploration of a less diverse problem space can still be fun, if not necessarily everone’s cup of tea: The rules of chess grant very little diversity, yet it’s still going strong. :slight_smile:

Yes, there might be less novelty. But once you get to that point in wars, you’ve seen all the game’s novelty already, in raids and PvE, and if wars are played out on a metaphorically more narrow battlefield, there are still more nuances to cover than a single human lifetime may allow.

I’ve noticed that when we’re facing teams with a coordinated coloured tank, it’s often our members with still young and weaker teams who actually do better. They will often go against the tank with a monochrome team that we wouldn’t want our stronger teams to use.

The newer players get to play “hero” by cleaning out the tank so other players can go in for the remainder.

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