Wars and raids

And by the way someone emailed me that in wars they have an extra boost. Gee Sherlock tell me something I didn’t know. And by the way when I don’t use rainbow hero’s it never fails that the one color I didn’t use is full of that tile. But back to the war boost I always put that in consideration that’s I always attack with at least 300 points higher but still get whooped

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I had the same complaint, but you can’t express your view in here because you get ridiculed by some on here who think they are Hids gift to the app game. I’ve pointed out the same things you have such as not using a certain color heroine those are the titles that seem mostly to appear.

What I have noticed lately is a lot of misses, I hit heroe with special skill a couple of times and it misses on every occasion, this also is happening a lot in regular mission battles as well.

Some are right though it depends on how you match up with what heroes, but I aheee there is s certain “chest” the game does at times. I still think it’s to get you to spend money.

Four 4 star and one legendary 5 star. One healer, one defender and rest attackers. All different colors and also tried different colors. It’s that lizard guy on the other team don’t know it’s name buts it’s a healer and u touch him 3 times and he has full mana and heals

Who is in your team you used?

Bad boards happen. If you color stack at all, it would be possible for a all 5 star team to lose to an all 3 star team if the boards are bad enough.

Do you mean Kashhrek?

Yes that lizard, and I don’t know why it matters what team I use or they have because everyone in my alliance complains about the same things. It’s a problem that happens regardless of hero. I’ve had people quit this game cause it doesn’t make sense. And they all complain that tiles always seem to favor the defense team so it’s not just a bad board every once in a while so please don’t insult our intelligence with excuses

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The fact that you don’t see why your attack team matters is why you lose.


Because it does matter what heroes you have and what heroes are in a defense team. Moreover it matters what positions defense heroes take. Slow mana hero at the edge position is nearly harmless, because he will hardly get charged. Kashhrek you dealt with heals his neighbors and gives them defense against red, so after his special you can’t effectively attack him with red tiles.
You need to take all this in account in order to be successful in raids.
Regarding your heroes. To deal with Kashhrek you need two red heroes and a debuffer that can remove extra defense against red, otherwise he will cure himself faster than you damage him.

I’d recommend you reading this manual

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My biggest issue with the raids is opposing team gets to attack every single time. By the time I get to attack half my guys are dead. I have a 3 star team and usually put against 5 and 6 star teams. Feeling like that’s not really fair unless I get awesome boards which are few and far between.

Flag on the play. There is no such thing as a 6 star team.

People might take you more seriously if you don’t blow things out of proportion

Sorry that was a mis type I meant 4 and 5 star. Just read what I wrote. Posted it before I looked it over.

The fact why u don’t think your team matters why u lose? Did this genius just write that? I’ve already said that I’ve tried different combinations and so has people in my alliance try different combinations of hero’s if u took the time to read what I wrote genius. All I’m saying if u totally have a stronger team it shouldn’t matter that’s why I won’t bother buying gems and why people have been turned off by this game because it doesn’t matter how much u level up hero’s when they lose to lesser hero’s than yours.

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Well the first thing you could have noticed is that Kashrek is probabely the best 4* tank available. Depending on his flanks he is very difficult to kill. I still mostly reroll when I see him as tank.

Please read one of the many available raid guides and then come back and have more fun with raiding.

Wish you lots of fun.


And people that respond you are trying to explain you a couple of things that you are reluctant to accept:

  1. Team power is not an absolute value that exclusively defines a winner. If it were no battle would be needed at all: you found any team with lower team power and thus you won. In this game it doesn’t work that way. Specials of heroes and their positions in a lineup matter much more than team power number.
  2. In this game there are at least 500 000 active players (judging by the last event) and most of them manage to deal with the same game, same heroes and the fact that weaker defense team might beat you, if you’d judge just by a team power value
  3. Fact that your alliance teammates have similar experiences simply means that they have the same level of game expertise and would also benefit from reading the manual I’ve posted above.

I wish you got through it and started enjoying the game. :slight_smile:


But they don’t. Each hero on defense has a slash attack on a count-down timer. If the timer hasn’t ticked down and the hero doesn’t have full mana, it just sits there.

Bonus technique: get the special to cast to usurp the slash attack.

There are some differences between the offense and defense. I suggest you read through:

Then the whole hero power ranking should be adjusted accordingly and what I mean by that is 4* hero should show more power if he has better abilities in raids or war defense.

Another thing too why is my alliance keep getting matched against stronger opponents? Last war we went against a team that had 10 players that were over 3300 and my alliance had 2 members that had just around 3300. Their lowest member had 2480 and or lowest is 1400 , we got spanked and never had a chance. This Keeps happening

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I’ve actually suggested that this be taken into account in war pairing. I think it’s a good idea.

But it’s not perfect. Empires and Puzzles is like Rock, Paper, Scissors. For every ability, there’s a way to counter it. And a hero who’s strong in one situation can be very weak in another.

Let’s consider Kashhrek. He is much stronger against a team without a buff remover. If the opponent has Sabina and Caedmon, along with some good red heroes, Kashhrek is in trouble.

So even if we give Kashhrek a higher score because his abilities make him a good tank, the right opposing heroes will still kill him easily. Also, if you put Kashhrek in a corner instead of in the middle, he’s way less valuable. His abilities only affect nearby heroes, so he needs a hero on either side of him to be at his best.

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