Wars, advances and tournaments all you need to know!

I’m not going to write anything big and detailed here, because I will be censored! Moderators paid by the company will hide it immediately, just as they did with my post with details prints and videos!
The game is completely manipulated!
Wars, you lose to the board and win by the board! strong heroes and at most you win nothing! It’s not a matter of luck, it’s the game’s algorithm! He will always balance your victories and defeats, even if you have the best heroes and are lucky! The game will balance you by force!
Tournaments: These are the worst yet! Even with a team Full emblem, the board makes you lose, even choosing heroes with advantages over the enemy and stronger!
Charge: The same! But the most bizarre they do it in the face! Family heroes, who give 5% to dodge attacks, they deflect 95% of attacks!
Heroes with% of attacks reflects, they reflect 90 of the attacks!
But that is only for the team!
When it comes to play, you miss 95% of attacks, you get sidetracked 95% of the time!
It is calling too stupid, not noticing these things!
Here the speaker is a 3-year-old player, who spent thousands of dollars at the beginning of the game! And I see that my dozens of heroes 5.4 and 3 stars full, and emblazoned at the most, is the same as having nothing!

Not true, volunteer, cheers.

Nope, no one has ever provided evidence of this despite many, many similar topics.

Yeah, but not because dissent isn’t allowed, there are thousands of posts that complain about the game. Mostly it’s because you’re trying to spread false information and also not being very polite about it.

If one sticks to facts and complains in a civil and constructive way, criticism is tolerated.

You’re welcome to try again within the rules.


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