Warning when the prep will start

So with this new update you can’t participate if u where not in before the prep started

We where skipping a Titan right before and several members now can’t participate because of this

Why not add a timer when the prep will start 24 hours prior


Wars are Wednesdays and saturdays. I also heard, but have not confirmed that they will start at the same time each occurence


I also hear this:

Continuing the discussion from Alliance Wars Approaching (Details & Information)! [Updated Mar 1]:

I am guess they didn’t publish the start time since war is still being adjusted so the two start times may change. Having said that, does anyone know when the current start times are?

My main war is 15hrs 37min, my alt is 15hrs 47 min

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But at the same time I shouldn’t have to mark my calendar when a war for my game is

I don’t think this is a hard feature to add

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But it is only an issue for people who merc. That is only a percentage of the player base…

I think it might be larger than that honestly; having watched people move around alliances (and having been in a number of different alliances on my alt) over the past 7 months or whatever, we often time it around titan spawn and titan death… both moderately known things.

Timing around war end is pretty easy, timing it around war start (specifically start of prep phase with 1.10.4) is not, so if you’re looking to switch alliances this might be a handy metric to know. Wasn’t an issue in the past but we could join during the prep phase and still partake.

Also as Denys correctly states, it isn’t that hard to publish the schedule; in game would be best with a how long before prep phase starts or at least publish a schedule here on the forums knowing it’ll reach most of the people who care.


Do people really switch alliances that much?

Some people alliance hop quite a bit, but by definition every single person you’ve added to your alliance ever, except maybe the initial newbie 30, came from somewhere else before that.

Extend that occurrence over tens of thousands of alliances and it’s not infrequent.

It’s a quality of life change for some folks; whether SG considers it to be useful or not I don’t know, but it’s a community friendly decision and I am in favor of those.

Actually, most of the people in my alliance had never been in an alliance before and not many have left… so I guess my experience in this matter is not representative. Thank you for pointing this out.

I’m deeply impressed at the alliances that manage to do that; my alt slipped through a newbie alliance and then I stopped playing it for a while and went in a different direction when I came back, but that little alliance has kept something like 25/30 members and is off killing 8*'s now which is an impressive accomplishment in my book.

I’m not sure how much of that is true in the rank and file alliances, I probably see more alliance hopping than most from my perch in the top 100 and explicitly in the umbrella alliances my accounts have been in over time… very interesting to hear your perspective as well.


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