[Warning!, Tip, Danger!] 🎶 Drunken Santa ( apologies to the Irish Rovers ) or Battle item targeting and harpoons in Santa's Challenge

[Warning!, Tip, Danger!] :notes: Drunken Santa :notes: ( apologies to the :notes: Irish Rovers :notes: ) or Battle item targeting and harpoons in Santa’s Challenge


Use harpoon before, or after, damage sharing enemy buff.

([Warning!, Tip, Danger!] The Old Moderator and the Sea (apologies to Ernest Hemingway and @Kerridoc ) or Wilbur and harpoons in Trials of Piety)

5x Harpoon does 3,750 damage to one boss.

(The Great Yellow Whale ( apologies to Herman Melville ) or Harpooning Vivica in Trials of Fortitude and Friar Tuck in Trials of Piety)

Battle item targeting

With 1* to 4* Battle items, targeting is not a problem since they attack all enemies.

Click for battle items rant

Except for Harpoons, 5* battle items require titan parts.

Titan parts only drop every 23 hours since that is the time to spawn each titan.

Except for harpoons, 5* battle items should effect all enemies and all allies.

Single enemy, and single ally, 5* battle items are just meh meh meh.

"Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot bribe the GM about,

Courage to change the things I can bribe the GM about,

And the successful wisdom roll to know the difference "

-Table top RPG Serenity prayer

How do I bribe SGG to buff 5* battle items?

But harpoons only do damage to target, and are often thrown by a drunken Santa, or at least a drunken A.I.

Harpoons and boss targeting circle

Unlike special skills, it is not enough that you pre target Mother Frakking North with a targeting circle.

Unlike titans, there are 3x boss targets for the harpoon.

Unlike 1* to 4* battle items, harpoons only damage one boss ( remember to use before, or after, enemy damage sharing buff ).

Harpoons versus Mother Frakking North

So be careful when using harpoons versus Mother Frakking North, to tap the harpoon AND TAP Mother Frakking North.

If you have fought hundreds of the “90 seconds of terror” known as titan battles, your muscle memory will be to tap the harpoon and then tap the harpoon description box that pops up.

I will have to ask a good friend of mine, but if I recall correctly, tapping the description box will randomly target a boss, so only a 1 in 3 chance of hitting Mother Frakking North. All I know is, twice I screwed up and immediately tapped the harpoon description box, ruining that run, and losing 16 world energy.


5x Mana 60%

3x Mana 25%

I got lucky with purple power shards, So I only needed 375% of the 550% in mana items I brought. Most were used on Proteus 4*+18 to keep minions from being summoned.

3x Dragon Attacks

4x Harpoons

I got lucky with combos, so I only needed 2x Dragon attacks and 4x harpoons to defeat Mother Frakking North.

Once Mother Frakking North had taken enough damage to get Mother Frakking North in range of battle items, I used 1x Harpoon and realized the triple bosses had a damage sharing buff !!!

I waited for their damage sharing buff to expire, and used 3x harpoons on Mother Frakking North, getting Mother Frakking North down to 548 HP. Used some tiles and 1x Dragon attack to defeat Mother Frakking North.

Without Mother Frakking North, Buddy, and then Santa, were defeated by my team.

Advanced Stage 24 of Santa’s Challenge took 6 minutes and 45 seconds ( on the third try ) with my messing around with a new strategy and the following 2x purple, 2x red team

Proteus 4*+18 ( Training camps need more mana control heroes, Little John is a slow mana speed glass cannon)

Wilbur 4*+1 ( never enough monk emblems with especially with Valeria being so awesome )

Rigard 4*+18

Cast Iron Chef Boldtusk 4*+c18 ( very very lucky with third Costume chamber key. Now waiting for Kiril costume to be added).

Vivica 5* 4.80 ( Training camps need more 5* healers ).


(MetroLyrics › drunken-sailor-lyrics-…Web resultsIrish Rovers - Drunken Sailor Lyrics | MetroLyrics)


Awesome advice from @yelnats_24 :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I was wondering if this was a bug. I brought harpoons on my weakest account during the last stage of Springvale. I had the target circle on Killhare but the harpoons hit Roosterly over and over.

Maybe the issue is I clicked the description box, assuming it would hit the target and not a random boss. Good to know!

I am not the only one:

I still wish they improved 5* battle items instead of nerfing them.


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