Warning! The game is getting closer to the upper limit

I understand that complaint. Titans don’t give you much time for planning. Have to be quick on those.

The Mythic Titans do give you a little bit more time than the normal ones.

And actually, on both, it’s entirely possible to do more damage with one well-planned attack, vs. just wildly flinging tiles without a plan.

I do quickly plan out the first few moves. It’s the ones after that, especially when I get a sea of off-colour tiles to deal with :rofl:. Nothing like a cascade of 15 hits, all for 1 damage each.

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I used to compete at the top-100 and now i’m parked at a more casual alliance. I’m almost done with the game, don’t farm except autofarm and don’t raid. Do the events, titans and wars only.

I’m extremely happy i haven’t spent anything more than vip offers recently so i didn’t give into the sunk cost fallacy.

Step away from the game for a while and you’ll feel much better off. This is a legit advice, no joke.


This also happens to me fairly often in raid and war attacks. I guess the main difference for me is that, when fighting a titan, I have 90 seconds to try to match tiles before I run out of time. Vs. a raid or war, I have X number of moves to try to match tiles before their heroes go whoosh whoosh and wipe my entire team. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

This is great advice. Though in my case… I’m almost 100% positive that once I step away from this game, I’ll probably never come back.

And I would miss my alliance peeps. :frowning_face:


LOL you disappeared again!

You’re right, who wouldn’t? I’m still in touch with them through line and we’re still close

Same :slight_smile:
I am playing sudoku almost 10 years especially when I’m bored or I’m on the road to somewhere :slight_smile:
I became a big fan of this game I even started to read sudoku blogs like this maybe I’m a bit obsessed of sudoku haha

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Love it when someone posts in a year+ old thread about how the game is doomed.

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Save this thread and come back in a year, I can’t wait to see in 12 months more negativity about this game :pensive:

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Forum Alberich strikes again!

Meanwhile, another few hundred thousands accounts went dead… most likely less than one mill active players left. Decline is only hidded for the eyes that don’t want to see. One year, two, three, what does it matter, clearly the game lost it’s path and thet’s reflected by the number of active accounts. Not to even mention the legendary hero release frenezy which can only nean one thing.

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We only need to look at the number of 5* tournament participants.

2 years ago - 1.5 millions
A year ago - 1.2 millions
Now - ???


Wouldn’t bet on SG numbers… not for ods, not for participants… last week I was prompted I’m about to use a tournament defense troop as feeder, only I wasn’t signed in the tournament… most likely devs are using bots to fill the gaps…