Warning! The game is getting closer to the upper limit

This! 50 levels of slog in the tower and just four days to do it? Plus a boatload of other things to do? Where’s the time!?


There is a lot of science behind this billion dollar industry.

A completionist will tire and move on to a different game, if he is allowed to…
Max everything out.

By keeping us engaged. This also keeps us invested. Which increases the difficulty to just…
Walk away.

The above also increases revenue from advertising.

But… they have become so aggressive
They overlook burn-out.
And if not dialed back, will cause a great many of us, to just…

Let go…

The solution is. Start playing less.
And there is a science behind that too!
As I start cutting back… the path for Walking Away becomes more feasible and clear. This flood of tasks should be examined more closely by SG, from a business perspective. They’re player base are not people without jobs. Creating an extra that takes money rather than gives it, is a poor financial decision. It’s almost like they’re pushing folks towards the exit.

I didn’t do Ninja Tower. And miss lots of POV. I simply do NOT have the time to play this game for hours a day


The game has lost its BALANCE.

Balance of events/time.
Balance among heroes and their abilities/powers.

A good game should always be well balanced.


I like it, I like having a ton of options.

I’m not focused on ninja tower at all cause it’s boring, I’m on maybe 29 or so …

Some days I play 6 to 7 hours a day cause , well it’s either that or do housework lol.
Some days I log on for maybe 20 minutes to do bare minimum.

We all have to remember it’s a game and you dont have to do what you dont feel like doing but a ton of options should you want them is a good thing IMO


Is a case of nobody is making you do this but as Ian is a f2p player and trying to keep up there with other players who do spend there always going to be a devide. Can’t change that. That is the truth. Something that’s ment to be fun isn’t soo much more. There hc and that’s a joke right for f2p recycle crap for more crap, get s1 hero’s out of that period, just wait till next year and see all theses crazy hero’s come out, f2p people will need somthing to help them.


Another part of the problem is the time things take to complete.
Take s3 levels for example. Normal mobs have these extreme hp levels that doing a s3 level in normal take several minutes… For a simple level of grinding.
There are easy to be found more examples but this also contributes to the game taking up more and more time


I don’t see the map as a problem, im nearly fin S2 hard and them mobs hit hard. Ok ill bring stuff to help me. It should be hard not a walk in the park, you obviously got to be a level that your there in the first place.
Season 3 with relm stuff is the same you learn and counter against it

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My perspective. Yes. Options are great. You can pick and choose what to do and what not to do. HOWEVER. When the choice you have is either play the same boring quests over and over, or pay to compete in challenge events or the ninja tower, what is the point? I literally can’t pay. For anything. Sure I can save up my resources and craft items in the hopes of competing in one maybe two events a year. But can I really? Can I really compete if I don’t have the same quality heroes as those who pay? No. Sure can’t.
The paywall has now been surrounded by a moat. And they’re planning on adding alligators to the moat and removing the drawbridge. I can still enjoy the wars because my alliance is not top tier so we won’t face 47-4800 teams. But raids are out. I already can’t hang with Frig BK Odin teams, and they are coming on strong. I can’t get better heroes on the two or three free summons I get a month, and even if I do, I can’t get the ascension mats to bring them up. One non quest 4* mat and one epic hero token in the last 45 days. Today I got A+ on yet another 10* titan, filled my titan chest, and a holy chest. Gems, some emblems, and my 46th orb of magic.
You can drop the RNG excuse on me and tell me I’ll have highs and lows, but when the lows persist for over a year, it can’t be RNG. Basically what I’m saying is, when progress is stifled by stinginess, and competition is walled off by money, boredom sets in. If they can’t see their way to increase player satisfaction via quality of life improvements and reducing the amount of money needed to actually enjoy the game, there’s no point in sticking around. And yes, I did spend in my first year and a half so I am a paying customer.
If the heroes currently in beta get released even remotely close to what they are now, the game is over. There will have to be a new raid tier and a new tier for challenge events. But they can’t even solve people getting zeros in war when they get booted out of the game so I don’t see that happening. It’s clear that money is the deciding factor in every aspect of the game and unless you can afford to play, you can either accept it or you’re out. Sorry for being so verbose. Fingers crossed the little guy doesn’t get left behind.


There is a good thing this game has: If you stop playing for a week, a month or longer you don´t lose anything. you keep your heroes, resources, materials… you will find your stores full and your queues empty but that has easy solution…

We tend to try to finish everything as soon at an event starts: People finishing Santa in 3 days, NT in the 2nd day… If SGG sees it they won´t slow down the pace, just the opposite, they even limited daily energy for tower and people ended it in 1 day or 2…

I have to admit since the Christmas event started This has become stressful. And have taken easier with chest filling and I am taking my time to finish the Christmas event (I´m at last stage)

I knew I wouldn´t be able to finish the NT, reaching level 34 without spending so many items is fine for me since last time I only reached 28.

War, Titans, Daily chests, rare quests, get resources to train heroes, The monthly challenge and now the exhausting NT, and don´t forget Path of Valor duck hunting or vallhalla special stages…

I think some events should be shorter or take less time to finish.

Trials energy cost makes no sense now.

_Other option is allowing the player to choose what to play and when to play them, putting a cooldown after completing a quest or an event. For example: You can complete a rare quest each 10 days: You do it, and when you finish it or relinquish a counter appears, 10 days after another quest spawns, but you don´t have to stop living in order to get a scope.

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I don’t mind there being a lot of stuff to do. There are a lot of people who want that. The thing that saddens me is the continued pretending that anyone who started playing recently will ever be able to compete as f2p, even c2p. The game needs to be honest about that. In the past, before zynga, you really could be competitive. There were many in the top alliances who never spent.
That is no longer true. Looking at new heroes, it never will be. As soon as a new game that allows for the socializing and good play comes along, I see a mass exodus…whole alliances…pm if you know a game …:smiley:


Today my cat looked at me the same way as I look at this game…longing.

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It would be great if we could bank WE for later…
Working full time I rarely use all WE in the day and occasionally do at night. Then on the weekends I try to catch up a bit. Would be amazing if WE max storage was increased dramatically but without increasing rate. Then I could use my big stash of WE from the week mainly on the weekend.


Unexpectedly lost an alliance member today. Part of his last message:

I’m done. Just can’t keep up at the moment, and I’ll never be strong enough to compete at a high level.

He left before we could ask more, so I don’t know more about why he left and I doubt he will come back to the game. I’m not sure what he was competing at, as we are very relaxed on both wars and titans.

But I don’t know if SG realizes how disheartening it is to present us with this giant leap in power levels. Consider that S1 heroes were typically around mid 750s, S2 mid 770s, and S3 mid 780s. The OP referenced some of those S3 heroes as part of “monster defenses”. And we’re introduced to S4 (in beta I know and may change - but first impressions) with power levels starting at 825??? How does SG expect anyone to think they will keep up without spending $$$. Are they trying to get people to leave?


I found making an alliance of one every few months refreshing — I just chat with friends on LINE about their alliances

They may build a lot of stuff — but a lot of it is ignorable or auto play

It’s the team part and living up to someone else’s vision of progress that burns folks out — true if even the best leaders… it’s not the leaders …

it’s the innate pressure that comes with 30 people in a room but with limited communication and visibility tools

The loot is junk — you just kill yourself for more shots at it; sometimes that’s perfect for me… but other times it’s not.

Get into leveling troops hardcore — you’ll log in once a day to move meat to the troop building for like … 2 weeks :joy:

You’ll think whatever event pops up next is the best thing ever made …

Ninja Tower is a grind. If you want to do all the things then it comes right after the Atlantis Rising, Challenge Event combo. Taverns is a burn out. The ten levels a day by day 3 or 4 takes up 2 hours. Insane.
I’m burned out too on this game. Gotta find a way to cut the time commitment down.


Griping about too much content seems a little over the top. If you can’t, or don’t want to do all of it, or any of it for that matter, then don’t. Personally I like the fact that there are more options currently. The variety in terms of new content is better now than it has ever been before. If I can’t do it all I make a choice and do what I feel is best. Likely, if there was much less content there would be threads complaining about not enough new stuff so SG likely can’t win either way.

And I’m sorry but Frigg, BK, Odin trio is nowhere even close to what we had with Gravey, Telly, and Vela. I raid high Diamond daily and that trio is nowhere near the prevalence that the latter was. And, they aren’t as tough either.


I remember the time when people complained that there’s not enough to do besides titans and events once a month… If you want to make someone miserable, just give them what they want :wink:


Totally agree with what you’ve said. I felt this way 6 months ago, been playing for 3 years now, been in 3 alliances, 1st one for 3 months, followed a couple of good guys out of it to there own and was in there for 2 years, they then bailed as they were sick of the game so i started my own by my self but some followed as we became such good friends. And thats pretty much why we still play, we get pissed off now and then as the boards or pulls are crap, and then they through in a new HOTM and we go wow hope we get this one but no we dont, and then new costumes and hope is on a high again. I play this game because ive made good friends and we all love to get the new stuff but we also know its a long game so we just take it as it comes and soldier on, weve invested to much Time into this game to give up. as we say, Happy Hunting :grin:


What are you guys talking about?

I finished Season 1 in 2018. I finished Season 2 both easy and hard modes in 2019. I finished all POVs, all up to Milestone 50. I finished all 2 Ninja Tower events and all Tavern of Legends events. I never skipped the monthly challenge (all tiers) and the seasonal events. I even finish some common, uncommon and rare quest just for the sake of finishing it.

Ooopsss… I am a bit lagging in the Season III hard mode as I am still at Stage 8 of Province 29. But I can finish this still even before this upcoming S3 map unraveling. Oooopppsss… I am already behind in the S3 Missions (Defeat 200 Firebeetles: 20/200; Defeat 1,600 Lava Bomblets: 583/1,600; Complete 40 Special Stages in Midgard: 20/40). Naaaahhhhh… I can finish them. They are not a priority as they don’t give much rewards, except finishing all easy and hard modes of all the S3 maps. Easy peasy, lemon…

As far as I know, no one is forcing me to play. I play this game out of my own volition. I am still able to balance work and this game and my loved ones and my household chore. The last one may be the reason why I am not on schedule with my S3 avatars and special stages missions. Darn… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

So, what are you guys talking about again?


I think @Ian487 do not talk about prevalence but difficulty. I always believe BK is tougher than Telly.

You are slow :rofl:


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