Warning! The game is getting closer to the upper limit

Let’s see… today… ninja tower, seasonal, class quest, war, raids, farming, a regular E&P day. Wait, it’s already noon and I never put down the phone since I woke up, I haven’t eat, not even brushed… Damn! I’m loosing it… There’s way too much going on. Waaaay to much! It basically became a second job. Regular folks, with lifes outside the game, can’t possibly find the time to do it all. I played lots and lots of E&P, hundreds upon hundreds of hours, neglected many things I should have done, delaying others, just to be able to match a few tiles on the 6 inch screen… what did it got me? Nothing. Nothing at all… At least I played for free and have no regrets for spending thousands chasing some card heroes… Even the devs admitted this much, by alternating the tower and the tavern every other month. There’s no more room for new content, unless they’ll start closing down some things. Most likely, Atlantis will be the first to go, as soon as S3 is done… The corpses of the Valhalla villans aren’t even cold yet, and there’s talk about S4 heroes already… this is madness… and there’s also the rising power creep problem. I guess, most old time players, like my self, have no problem reaching top 100 on daily bases, even if only for a few brief moments. All it takes is one or two raid flasks and a few good boards. And as soon as you’re passed 2700 cups, they start showing up. The monster defenses. Lead by Frigg, tanked by BK or the red ninja (whatever it’s name is, I never bothered checking) and enforced by Odin, Finley, Jabber, c.Kadilen and the ninja loony band… of course, if I’m lucky, I’ll take them out with a good board, but I’ve had the Frigg, BK, Odin trio taking out my 5* emblemed attack team within 5 turns and there was not a god damn thing I could do a out it… what’s next? Very fast charging one shot team killers? That’s insane… All of us that have been playing for years, remeber a time when raid battles were fun, or ar least weren’t decided by the starting board. As expected the company learned only one thing from the GTV saga: “releasing OP heroes is a guaranteed revenue generator”. It is my oppinion that Frigg BK Odin is a lot stronger than GTV ever was, a lot stronger than any game trio should ever be. Doesn’t matter though, I’ve lost most interest towards the game… last week I missed the war… that never happened before, in almost three years… today the ninja tower stays unchallanged, at lvl 35, even if all my 5* heroes are still operational and energy is full. I just don’t feel the call to do it. I don’t think I’ll quit, but my engines are already turned down to minimum. Have a great day and keep in mind t’s just a game.

End of rant.




This looks like a job indeed. If you want to play (and compete) on all events, finish all quests, time your daily WE and raid flags, you need to either quit your main job or give up a few hours of you sleep time.

I see absolutely no point in adding so much new content, nobody likes it. Nobody can even catch up with all this newly stuff every month. Not much fun anymore, feels like an obligation to enter and play all the stuff daily, just because most of us are f@cking addicts.

SG on the other hand does not see it that way. The thing they care is money. And introducing new events, new OP heroes, new portals and offers gives them the chance to drain money out of addicts’ pockets. Even huge spenders will find it hard to keep up nowadays.
But you know what they say - hit the iron while it’s still hot. This is SG’s policy and nothing we can do :slight_smile:


I wonder how the staff is handling their game account.


A few possibilities:

  • Most staff still under player level 30 because they don’t actually play their own game
  • Unpaid interns play their accounts for them; they get college credits for every titan killed
  • Staff uses third party apps to autoplay everything for them
  • Staff uses editor commands to show event as complete, assigning themselves a made up score
  • Staff are easily able to complete all content on regular autoplay because they have invincible heroes

I do see your point, but if it’s such a burden for you, why you want to do it all?

If the event/quest/chest wasn’t there in the first place, as you suggest, you wouldn’t get any rewards from it as well anyway. So just don’t play it and pretend they are not there if that achieves same thing? Some folks have more time, or have downtimes at work, and some don’t. Everyone has a choice what they want to participate in and how much time they want to dedicate. If there were no events etc there would be no choice - noone participates and bye. It’s strange complaint to have.


Felt the same 3 weeks ago. Already reduced my playing time. I don’t farm, i don’t raid, i even autoplay the titan just for the sake of POV. I join tournaments but only attack if it is my time of the day to open the game, probably 1hr every night unlike before, half of the time i am awake, my account is open.

The only time i spent more than an hour a day this past 3 weeks is when the challenge event is up. I also just read the post in this forum probably 3 days ago (i haven’t frequented the forum when i reduced my playing time) and found out that there are new heroes, season and challenge. After seeing the new heroes’ stats and skills, i am now more inclined to quit. The game is not f2p friendly anymore. The gap between f2p and spenders will become wider than ever before.

So now, i’ll just try to enjoy my remaining time in this game. Use all the mats and resources i’ve managed to hoard. Find the right timing to tell my alliance mates that i’ll be leaving. Then maybe, i’ll record using my maxed 5* as feeders to aife for remembrance that i once wasted a lot of my precious time in this game.

But i’ll not post it here to avoid the bashing of fanboys.:joy:


You make a valid point as well, but… if the idea is to give people enough stuff to keep them occupied for long periods of time… why the “world energy” constraints?

That is one aspect of this game that has always puzzled me. “Limiting” the amount of events I can do in the game at one time.

Supposedly the reasoning behind it is to prevent people from getting too much loot too quickly.

Yeahhhh… I don’t think “too much loot” is really much of an issue for the average player. But let’s assume that premise is true.

Why sell WE flasks?

Oh right… Too much loot is fine, as long as you’re paying for it.

Same thing I’d say to anyone who says that the RNG wall keeps big spenders from getting all the best heroes. Are they limited to how many summons they’re allowed to do each day?

Hmmm… no, they’re not, are they?

So basically all of these excuses for limiting loot have no basis in reality, aside from being obvious designed to “gently encourage” players to spend more money.

And if all of these new events and such were meant to keep people entertained for extended periods of time, why do they all have caps / energy requirements / etc.? You know just as well as I do that majority of these new “features” were designed primarily to lure players into spending even more money, and nothing more.


Customer satisfaction is key to sustainability.

All the new feature pleased some people while displeased others, polarizing. The most displeased base is actually the middle base (between casual and addict). They are not casual enough to leave event unattended but not addict enough to play for few hours per day.

I have heard here and there people dissatisfied with the course of the game. If this continue on, then E&P will lost a lot of players. Yes they are not whales, they spend little but without them, who would make up the player base? The less the players, the harder to reach top 1% in tournament.

New players will be discouraged by the steep mountain they have to climb.

I can’t help to think that the game will soon decline and SG just want to squeeze its final sprint.

They have done it too fast. NT should have wait for early next year while mystic titan should have wait to the middle of next year. Then S4 at the end of next year.

They should have use that time for more testing so they don’t deliver half-baked product like this (they even have to add chest each 10 level post-release, why not since the first NT? Didn’t they know from beta that the loot/effort is trash?)


Exactly! I was like bound to do everything, for a long time. Use all energy, complete all worthy quests, all events, all tournaments, max efficiency of my buildings, always, all the time, level heroes and troops, empty the WT so the enemy won’t get my resources, all that and more… just like a job… just like any flame, it seems to have burned out… I still love to play, but keeping up has become a burdain and I don’t need that. The game used to be an escape, now it turned into a prison…


Pretty sure I was supposed to be excited at news of season 4 + a new event?

One look at the new S4 heroes, was like looking at the end of the road for me as a player.

Hearing that specific heroes give you a huge advantage in events… well thats the cliff at the end of the road.


There’s really too much going on in a “normal” day, which require without doing anything special (flasks or such) hours of gameplay to keep a “normal” pace.

2 hours per day at least, i would say, not counting “special days” such as tower or monthly event.

That’s undeniably a lot for a game that suppose to be a long grind.

And they want to add more things. Crazy.

Sometimes devs should ask themself: would you play your own game for years at this speed?

There’s no way to resist, we have this thing called life going on in the meantime.


You have made valid points with which I am in full agreement. When something becomes more of a burden than a joy in a GAME, then stop doing it. Real life gives us enough burdens and stresses that we can’t avoid. This is supposed to be fun, and it is if one sticks to the parts they enjoy.

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Annnnnd to top it off my morning monster chest turned out to be a holy chest…

My response is… I just don’t try to do it all. Ninja tower is not fun for me, so I don’t do it. I think I did the first 15 levels. If I have time today I might try to get 5 more and get the next chest. Or not, it’s a busy time of year.

I can appreciate SGG wanting to add content to keep the game fun for advanced players. Once you have all the buildings built, and you have 30+ fully leveled 5*, then what?

When power creep means I can’t get my daily hero chest in diamond any more, I’ll decide if the game is still fun.


Very true. Way too much going on. Super annoying.



Something like this.


Click for notes



Same here. I like the fact that there are various ongoing challenges and activities, so I can login and play at any time. I just don’t even try to play them all to the end. For me it is better than the opposite. A year or two ago you could only farm most of the time. Now there is a choice.


(Cries in friendly matches)


I dont understand why people are taking it too serious.
Its a game and unless you were hooked up by it you are still able to drop the game whenever you want. The same applies for everyting else. Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the quest and events? Do those that satisfy you the most and simply ignore the other part.

Are you feeling overwelmed by powercreep? Just look for another more relaxed alliance where you dont need to chase any hero to enjoy its gameplay.

Devs are not going to change anything sadly, so we better to adapt or leave.

The adapt part includes fitting a way to play comfortably. Some people will get on board in the spending trend, others will play more relaxed and others will spend all day in the mobile. Whatever you do please try to find pleasure in that. I like to play as a casual spender, but im not getting crazy to chase every new hero empires and puzzles releases. I cant do it and i dont want to get on board on that spending trend(it can be dangerous).

I prefer to buy some offers if they are worth it but because i enjoy doing it not because i feel im getting behind the others.

Regarding quest and events i usually divide them along the day and by the moment i dont feel overwhelmed.


There were times when I saw it tough. ‘If you don’t like it, don’t play it!’ I had patience and hope for a top spot. I see it a little differently now. I still enjoy the game and I don’t wanna give it up. I am C2P at level 61 and have neither finished S2 hard nor the possible S3 hard. The tower ends at 30 for me (and I used more items than I wanted to) and it wasn’t fun. Ok, they have to bring something new for those who have everything. But it’s too much for me. I don’t stop (yet), but I don’t do everything anymore. I try to take it relaxed. Less hope but still fun.


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