Warning: Random account suspension!

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I felt the need to make a post to inform and make players of the game aware of a very important detail. That you run the risk of having your account suspended for making purchases in the game while traveling internationally!

A player in my Alliance was traveling over the holidays and bought one of the package deals while they were out of the Country. This sent up a red flag in the algorithm that the account was “sold” , which automatically suspended my player. Seems to me that there’s a flaw in that algorithm, in that you would think SG would want us to spend our money, no matter where we are on the planet!!

After numerous attempts to contact SG, my player was met with the standard reply which is 'we have proof that you bought and sold your account, we don’t discuss the matter, this decision is final!

I have been playing this game almost 2 years and had introduced numerous friends and family members to join the game. I have spent a fair share of $$$ on this game, not to mention building up my heroes to reputable strength. I would be mortified if I woke up and found that my account had been suspended by merely purchasing a package while out of the country!!

Due to the event that has happened to my player, I refuse to spend any more money on the game, while there is a risk that at any moment, something similar could happen to me? That a red flag will get put out by a computer algorithm out of the blue and suspended my account without a proper system to defend and refute the allegations!! Which one shouldn’t have to do in the first place!! Defend an action that never happened!

SG you might want look into this matter of accounts being wrongfully suspended for making purchases internationally. Thanks

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Bad part? Not the 1st time it’s happened

And there have been times it has taken up to a month to resolve

I don’t change the country origin on my Apple ID and other information. If I purchase anything on iTunes or any other game it will remain the same currency as what on my Apple ID even I am traveling in another country. Either you are traveling to another country definitely the information will always be the same. sorry I have no clue about the ID on android device. SG system will auto detect through your ID who is the original owner of your account.

That sounds harsh.

Does it mean that if I travel to another country, it isn’t safe to spend money on the game while I’m there? (Actually planning a trip in a month or so, so it matters to me.)

I bought freely while in Italy over Christmas/New Year, with no issues. I’m on Android. YMMV.

Well I’m stil VERY sensitive towards this topic. It happened to me last year. It was in May, and your story sound very familiar to me with the exception that they didn’t say my account was suspended, But I was abroad, I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was in Paris, that was the last week of the month and I really wanted Alasie. I had spent more than ever (at that point) and I kept trying, so during that morning I was at the Louvre Museum having lunch at the terrace,fabulously of course, then I purchased another $100 deal, I may I say back in those days not many people were getting those cause they didn’t offered as much as nowadays (you had to buy gems to spend them in the offer)… anyways back to my story; then after leaving the museum and spending the afternoon walking around I came back to my hotel and suddenly I see that I wasn’t able to login!!! I had also a local sim card with good internet connection… so I tried everything… even went to other countries, other hotels, came back to my home country, original sim card, house wifi, nothing worked!!! Of course I tried every possible way to contact Small Giants!!! Since day 1. But first of all it takes them about 3 days to reply to your case, they don’t work over the weekend so if you send them something on Friday, honey sit patiently until around Wednesday next week. They only give you generic one line answers. Obviously they do not care and if they do then they just dont show it. I hope you can tell I’m still very upset about that situation until today because it was not fair! I was left out of a the game for no valid reason. They didn’t even had the decency to tell me something like oh maybe our system thought you sold your account or something… nope just generic answers like restart your phone, make sure your Google account is ok. I mean I even went further and got myself an email from Google play stating that my account was ok! I sent it to SG and just nothing. I was left out of the game for more than half a month. I lost the chance to summon alasie during the last days, I lost the chance to play the fables event (Redhood) when it came around for the first time and of course missed the chance to do any event summons. I didnt even got some compensation for the lost gems in the VIP package for the days I couldn’t log in to collect those gems. I was very disappointing, frustrating and I almost quit the game. It was only thanks to Rook and some other players that I contacted through line that I was able to do something. But 0.00 support from SG.

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Oh and I forgot to mention that it was the same day that we were having issues with Delilah’s minions. They were not causing any damage to the enemies. It was a bug and it was published by SG. Then they rolled out an update and it was right after installing that update (that same day) that I was left out of the game.

I know situations like this must seem heartbreaking. Only SG can resolve them however. You can reach SG even outside of the game using this link:


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