Warning of Removal for Alliance Member

Is there any way you can create a warning to be used in the alliance, that can be triggered for a specific member, to alert them that they ate dangerously close to being kicked out? I would like to have this function available to get the member’s mind back in the game. With it, there should be a space where the endangered member can chat with the leadership about the reason for the warning.

Thank you for considering this valuable idea.

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I’d say alliance chat… communication. :confused:


sometimes alliance chat scrolls by too fast for someone. during the event for example, our chat hits 50 messages in 10 mins sometimes. if you’re off for a couple hours it’s easy to miss a ton.

also i’ve noticed people who are in danger of. ring removed for lack of participation also tend to NOT respond to chat.


A chat app, e.g. line, is perfectly suited for the purpose.

And … if the member does not respond to messages … or even declines to read them, that is a good indication that they are no longer interested in participating in the alliance.


we have a titan counter setup that autopopulates.

And is posted in chat

Problem is…most chats scroll out to fast or people just dont see them.

A push notification ability would be nice…if it can be limited as not to spam someone.
Maybe set it up in clan rules so the game controls the notification just like how it tells me stuff is done building.

Not everyone chooses to involve themselves in the chat so i get that (so im not hinting that people that don’t chat aren’t team players anyway so no loss)


I like your proposal for a push notification linked to alliance chat as a starting point for better intra-alliance chat. I’d think it wouldn’t require a ton of coding to implement.

There is a weakness to that addition, that being insomniac Luddites like me turn off notifications because my phone’s tiny notification sound & vibration is enough to wake me up from my already lousy sleep.

Perhaps a method of generating an alliance message that would be sent through the game’s mail system would be effective since the Mail icon would have the big ‘New Mail’ number on the home screen.

I would like to have a targeted way of messaging alliance members. Before this month, Fourhorseman was a newbie development alliance which was fairly laid back. Since mid-December the roll has stabilized at 30 and we are beating about half of the 6*s we’re facing with the subsequent infusion of more AIs trickling to the members. I sense a feeling among the majority that shifting to a slightly more serious effort in Titan fights is wanted, so under-achieving members are increasingly suspect. Having a more effective means of gauging such a player’s interest in the alliance’s activities would be useful.


I agree. Sometimes you have to have a warning button to put some folks back inline, but also with that being said, if I have to put someone back in their place, then they don’t need that place to be in my alliance.


Hi,SirVenom , it’s true what you say about others not helping the team . I worry some about when health problems get me out of commission. I agree with you,everyone does their part and I hope they have a fun time enjoying themselves. Have a good weekSir.

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Sickness is one thing, but when they deliberately do things to annoy or be disrespectful towards others in an alliance, then they don’t need to be a part of an alliance. Working together is the key to success in any situation. When you work together it helps bring the morale up and helps build strength within the alliance. Have a great week also Mary.


If you start issuing warnings most people would leave because of that. It is only a game and real life comes first. You never know why they are not playing at that time. They could have had some kind of accident where they can’t tell you and your warning would not be welcomed.

It’s a probabilities thing. Someone who’s stopped taking an interest COULD be doing so because they’ve had real life interfere and they are unable (for some reason) to give notice.

Alternatively it could just be someone who has lost interest and isn’t playing much and/or not bothering to monitor chat.

I expect the 2nd option is more likely.

I have had 1 member leave on the back of a warning in chat, but that had the support of the alliance as a whole because that person wasn’t contributing. I’ve also had a couple of members pull their socks up and start taking part.

I’d prefer the ability to private message members somehow (maybe restricted only to people in your alliance). It never feels ‘right’ to have to air dirty laundry in front of the alliance as a whole, but there’s no alternative, so that’s what I do. I feel a warning is more fair than a summary dismissal without notice.

(My Alliance = Aleph Null)


I would love to be able to send an in-game message notifying players that they are in danger of being kicked. I know SG is concerned about safety (thanks!!) so there could be generic messages I could send to their in-game inbox. "Do to inactivity/missing titans, inappropriate behavior, not following leadership’s direction, etc). Please do something like this!!


The most professional thing to do is PM the rest of your alliance and have everyone raid them until they drop below the alliances minimum trophy threshold, type in a statement in alliance chat about trophies being too low, and then kick them.

Nobody will ever get upset with you with this method.


I’m dying laughing!!! :rofl:


They already have inbox messages which are almost never used now anyway. They could make a PM option. It doesn’t really need to be a warning that you are about to be kicked, but just a way to send a private message that pops up in their inbox.


In our alliance we have it set up if you have to be out for work, sickness, family, etc, let someone know in chat. Whether game chat or LINE. It works about 85% of the time. When I notice them in game, I ask them where they were, if they didn’t give a heads up. If they ignore me. I threaten their expulsion. That works 99% of the time. If none of us hear from that one, they’re out.

As leader of my alliance, my co-leader and I really need to be able to go to a member’s message page and give them a warning, that if their misconduct continues, they will be removed from the alliance. Also, to be able to give them a check mark (or some kind of mark) that will be the first of three little warnings, and give them a reminder to correct their behavior.
I believe this will be welcomed by all alliance leaders. To be able to communicate one on one with members who are failing to do all that is required of them.
Please, make this a reality.
Many thanks.
Gideon, leader of Gotham’s Knights.


I moved this to Ideas and Features; will say that today every alliance that I’m aware of solves this through external channels… but I’m a big proponent of creating more in-game communication rather than relying on a third party interface like Line or Discord.


I totally support this idea. It is nearly impossible to track 30 (or better 29) members all the time. We have also rules that are not respected by everyone and I give a warning shot in chat but never can be sure that member really follows the chat or cannot remember if this person was already warned. If those members get a message or lets say somekind of mark in their profile they may better recognize that they did something wrong…


Our alliance bumps every new player up to elder. 1st offense missing 2 titans, demotion, second offense, unless extenuating circumstances, kicked. Simple, not a lot of communication needed. New members are told right away what the expectations are.


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