Warning box when trying to leave alliance during war set-up

Please add a warning when you try to leave an alliance after war set-up has begun. It could just say “if you leave now, you will not be able to participate in alliance wars even if you return to the alliance or join another alliance. You will be in Spectator mode until the end of this war.” Then allow someone to stay in the alliance or continue to leave.

Yes please. Just hit this today. Went to go help someone with a Titan, came back and am in Spectator Mode. A warning should be the bare minimum. It isn’t common sense to assume you’d be punished for leaving. Not like you could participate in multiple wars or something.

Please, add notice “you are leaving an alliance with an active war” to not accidentally substitute your alliance


or give an opportunity to a player who already participates in the formation, to go out and join the alliance without going into observer mode

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This happened to me today and I’m sooooo frustrated. Not only My alliance may lose the war because I can’t use my remaining flags, but it will affect my valor points (which I have paid for) as well. The game shouldn’t let anyone leave during a war or give them a clear notice that you won’t be able to rejoin the war. Or, what’s the issue in leaving and coming back? Why not rejoin the war?! I’ve been playing this game for so long and have spent sooo much money. This issue should be resolved immediately!

I believe the issue is that in the last PoV, one particularly clever player found a way to participate in multiple alliance wars at the same time (by leaving and rejoining different alliances), allowing that player to complete PoV several days before anyone else was able to.

On the one hand, I’m in agreement with you, that there should be a very clear notice before leaving an alliance during a war.

On the other hand, I’m not a fan of allowing people to jump around between alliances without any repercussions. Switching alliances to help kill titans or train new players or whatever is one thing, but when it comes to alliance wars, you’re either with your alliance for that particular war, or you’re not. I don’t believe that any single player account should be allowed to participate in multiple alliance wars at the same time.


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