[WARNING] A Summons Experience - Chasing Guardian Panther - A Warning for Chasing Heroes

Nup, would have stopped. Probably saved to try for Telluria or see what Malosi turns out like.

Not really. I knew it was a longshot and wouldn’t necessarily pay off… Did get annoyed when two Horghall appeared (still never gotten Vivica).mm. [quote=“DoctorStrange, post:20, topic:151212”]
would you be able to walk away saying that’s just RNG?
Yup. Have before… I’ll see if I can find and attach a previous attempt at panther…


Lol… As settinf and sticking to a budget has nothing to do with the size of the budget…

You’re just showing your bigotry towards people that do spend and lack of understanding of setting and sticking to a budget…

I’ll spell it out a little more… Budgets are person and situation specific… The same budget doesn’t work for all people… Just because they’re different doesn’t change the premise of setting and sticking too it…


I dont think that promoting gambling is going to make this game better. As you can see, each event has less and less % of getting the heroe you want. Hope you the best in your future pools.

To add my experience to Guvnor’s as it is similar, but not with the happy outcome.
I am p2p and have been accumulating gems for quite a while.

I chased Panter this time :

  • 210 pulls with gems
  • 10 pulls with coins

No Panter.

This is my 3rd time chasing a hero - Gravemaker in Atlantis and Ariel in Atlantis - each time over 200 pulls with not getting the hero that I have chased, so can give a hint to ppl that chasing heroes is not a smart idea at all :slight_smile:

Note: I don’t complain as can calculate probabilities - it is what it is and have done it out of free will.


Thank you @Guvnor and @ALI_G for sharing your summoning experiences! It definitely puts things in perspective and is a valuable lesson for all of us. Unfortunate that Guv’s summons only resulted in that 1 event hero, did you have any luck with any of the event heroes AS?

Too bad there’s not an AM chest like Atlantis for event summons. That could be a good improvement.


You are missing the whole point of opener’s thread. Another more visual example would be that Smoking is bad for your health, so many countrys will put pictures of the possibile diseases you may get on the cigarettes packages. OP is stating the % facts that can be seen in any hero summon pool with what he/she belives to be a more visual way.
He is not promoting gambling, he is showing said possible gamblers and whatnot that “Hey, while you are smoking you may get this diseases”.


Yeah I am one of those who tried chasing her. After unbelieveble summoan I decided to not invest any more money into game till I will not have easier way to get comparable dark colour defence debuffer. This is also reason why many aliances hate holy titan. Other colour defence debufer are much more easy to get but nor Guradian Panter. Developers should introduce comparable hero like is Frida vs. King Arthur.


Thank you for posting this, really appreciate it. I budgeted myself to two ten pulls and while I did not not get Panther I did get Falcon and Jackal who were both first time heroes for me, as well as Vela on a coin pull. The only hero I really chased (without success) was Seshat with three 30 pulls and all of my EHTs at the time. I’m saving my remaining gems for a chance at Jean-Francois and eventually season three.


Grow your own weed and the weed will pay your G. Owl :thinking: :laughing:


Wow, a lot of pulls. My budget is about 70 Euro/month, just going for the challenge event heroes. Was chasing the Cameleon (Looks over skill, thats me :rofl:), ended with 2 Panthers and food after around 50 pulls. Was a bit unhappy (hope that doesnt sound arrogant, cause i was lucky, just aimed for someone else) at first about getting duplicates instead of the lovely Cameleon, but now im more than happy after seeing panthers impact on holy titans in addition to slowly facing more and more holy tanks in war. Now i start saving gems till next Grimforest (Puss to complete my Grimforest team), wont do gem summons till then and hope im lucky to get what i want.


I never chased Panther, never got event 5* and wasn’t counting on it. On last Guardians before changes i did one x10 on the first day and was happy because I got Falcon (my first in 1,5 years, so far only had 4 Jackals). I was below 300 gems and didn’t plan to summon anymore, but the next day i woke up to a color chest, and got 30 gems from it. Pulled once and there she was lol.

This time I really wanted Gazelle and got Owl from 2x10…


This is why I dont complain much, one x10 pull and I got Vela and Panther. A c2p player because in Brazilian Real everything is so expensive…

I’m completely astonished with my alliance teammate who got Panther with a simple 300 gem pull, and got Onatel last Atlantis with a simple 350 pull and Guinevere with a simple 300 pull last September while she was on level 15, and Onatel and Panther on level 29.


Well, think I got lucky pulling 2 Guardian Panthers in the same 10x draw:



I went beyond my budget for the last time, fortunately it doesn’t hurt atm. 125 € or something like that, not much, compared to others, I think…but far beyond what I’d consider as reasonable for an online game for me :smiley: Wanted the Chameleon, Panther or Jackal, got 3 more Falcons and the Owl - okay, and Vela, I’m glad I got her.
Some have the luck, some not. But I got MN on an EHT pull, so I won’t complain, stop spending and level my heroes :smiley: when I don’t have anything to level, I’d might spend again. (besides VIP )
It’s not worth it and I should work with what I have - that’s more than enough to do for the next 2 years, regarding my red 5* -.-


I got Gazelle on my last coins pull ( # 220) which I am happy about and got the Owl which will never see darts I believe.


Lol please define setting a budget

You’ll see both were 1 in the same but you placed judgement on the other since it was more than you can afford

I stand by my previous statements…


I think the real cautionary tale here is that chasing gazelle or chameleon would have been even MORE expensive.

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It was a nice post, and i don’t see any “bragging” part on it, or nothing that incourage me to spend strong.
Quite the opposite, if i have to be honest.

Saying that he was lucky to spend “only” about 600-700$ and get the hero he want totally makes you understand how much you should expect from summons.

At average you may expect to spend about 800 $ for a specific hero.
If you spend less then that, it’s more likely to NOT get what you want.

That’s the game we are in.

This seems more a disclaimer to: “Guys, just don’t go overboard because it is a game for rich people”.


I dont pay as much as regular customers do in Las Vegas because i get a huge discount from being a veteran. My next door neighbor is a cop and its illegal to grow out here if you live within 25 miles from a Dispensary. They’re everywhere out here

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Thanks, @Guvnor and the others sharing their experience on chasing a hero.

I´m a vc2p player and those examples show us what´s likely to happen when you go after some specific hero. I myself have been saving gems during the last couple of months only to try for G. Jackal (unlike @littleKAF I had pulled Falcon on last Teltoc) and he showed up on my second 10x pull. So I was able to save the remaining gems for later - Atlantis or next event, I´m deciding yet. But I have tried it before, with Seshat and Kingston, to no avail.

Looks like this is the best we can expect, to set an amount of $$ you would be fine losing anyway, so you don´t get very upset.


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