Warm capes should go to

Kiril, Boril or HotM Raffaele? Considering raids, titans and tournaments, I’m wondeting which one will get me more bangs for my capes.

They are all at 3/60 and only got the 4th cape now .

I’m thinking that Raf being a 5* Will help me move up from platinum to diamond. But my feeling is forumites will say Kiril will.

Thanks in advance.

I really do like Raffaele, but if you don’t have Kiril, I’m betting he’s going to be more useful to you. Raffaele is slow, so he’s all about turning around a battle that is going poorly. Kiril can give you some healing and buffs quickly. Boril is useful for map stages and quests, if you don’t quite have the needed firepower, but will see little use in PvP.


Kiril is far better 4/70, than Rafael 3/70 imo. And one of the 4* heroes that will be useful to you even in end game.
His mix of healing and attack buff, makes him very valuable for attack teams, either if you go with mixed teams or strong in one color, like having him being off color healer going 4/1 or 3/2. He is great for titans as well


Agree with Kiril. His defense buff should also not be overlooked, it can help a hero survive a hit that would otherwise kill them. His ability to buff both attack AND defense makes him a very versatile hero.

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Raf is average speed, like Kiril. I think he got a bump from beta, cause I keep seeing people saying he is slow.

Nope. Have Raf. Can confirm he is still slow. I’m leveling him now, and I believe he will be much better than his reception on the forum would indicate. That said, the answer is Kiril, and I don’t think it’s really that close. After almost two years as FTP, Kiril gets as much play as any hero on my roster. I have him at +c20, and I don’t regret it at all. Boril becomes obsolete, at some point, and Raf is really good within his niche, but his niche is not as large as Kiril’s. Kiril is a healer and buffer, and don’t underestimate the utility of him being able to reverse attack down and defense down - two of the most common ailments in the game. He can work as well as a cleanser against heroes who apply those ailments.

There are very few heroes that can bump you from platinum to diamond by themselves, and I really doubt Raf is one of them. I think he’ll be much better on offense than defense, as his skill really takes proper timing to maximize. Also, unless you have the scopes to max Raf, a maxed Kiril will be better than a 3^70 Raf, as mentioned by @Julia above. In fact, in almost every case, a 4^70 epic is better than a 3^70 legendary. That’s even more true with the advent of emblems, since you can emblem a maxed epic, but not a 3^70 legendary.

I know Raf is a shiny HotM, and like I said, I really do think he’s better than he gets credit for, depending on your spending habits. I’m excited about maxing mine, for sure. But as the great (and possibly now retired?) @Gryphonknight advised somewhere on this forum - epics are the backbone of your roster; legendaries are the icing on top. Invest in Kiril; you’ll be glad you did.



Depends on your roster.

Full roster

Assuming you have a full roster

2x rainbow 3* 3.50,

4x to 6x rainbow 4* 4.70 and

2x rainbow 5* 3.70



Boril helps get get cleric emblems from class quests and helps with non rare Titans ( SGG loved defense down special skills ) and Season 1 fire stages.


4* healers are nice.

Healers are very helpful for class quests ( use emblems to get emblems ). Too bad Kiril’s costume is a sorcerer and not a rogue.

Kiril especially helps with Wu Kong ( see notes ).


Raffaele 5* 4.80 requires significantly more resources than leveling Boril to 4* 4.70 AND Kiril to 4* 4.70 ( see notes ).

Plus Kiril and Boril can color stack ( see notes ).

Raffaele is also a slow hero, while Kiril and Boril are average mana speed.

Similar to average speed Rigard and slow Kunchen

General advice

See also general advice

(4* to 3-60 or 3* Maxed? - #6 by Gryphonknight)


Click for details

Wu Kong teams

5* 4.80 resources

Color stacking



I like this, I am going to steal it.

“4* heroes are the daily bread of your roster, 5* heroes are the icing on the ice cream cake of your roster” - Ghost of Gryphonknight haunting @Petri 's cubicle.

( argh. when did Discourse.org get smart punctuation. )


Always good to see you around, @Gryphonknight, even in ghost form. (:ghost: +83% attack!)

Apologies if I mangled your original sentiment. I’m 99% sure it was you that said it, but I was too lazy to look it up.

Still very glad I ran into your advice early in the game. Saved me a ton of mistakes. For F2P, I feel pretty darn good about my roster these days. My two-year game anniversary is coming up later this month, so I’ll give the details in a post somewhere on the forum when that rolls around.



Whatever sticks in your mind is good. MMO evolve with each update.

For the curious


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2 years

Looking forward to it.

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I got Kiril maxed, Boril at 3/60 and Rafa at 3/70.

Kiril is really good for blue stacks and I use him constantly. He is my favourite of these three because of his versatility. I’m levelling his costume now, if you got that it’s a big plus.

I’ve had Rafa at 3/70 for months now. Never wanted to spend the materials to ascend him further.

Rafa is unfortunately a tad too slow for raiding. Rigard for example is much more reliable. Rafa’s healing over time is also dispellable. I do use him sometimes when stacking blue but then I often pair him with a second healer (Kiril, Boldtusk etc). For defence team he’s too slow too.

Where he shines are events where bosses don’t have dispel.

I levelled Boril only for war, he’s good for clean ups imo. I’ve never used him when raiding and I don’t play map stages too much. He’s an decent tank but if you got better options I would’t bother.

My 2 cents.

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Boril was one of my first 4*, and I used him for a long time at 3.60. But he kept getting pushed to the back of the cape line by Sonya, Triton, and eventually Kiril. I leveled Kiril as soon as I got him. I wish I had more wizard emblems to give Kiril, I use him a lot.

I finally leveled Boril when I got his costume. I usually prefer him without the costume, but the bonus is nice. He really shines in hard map stages. And he’s useful in 4* tourneys. But otherwise he’s not that useful

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Kiril. I’ve been playing over a year and I use him all the time.

What about Grimm guys? Does he deserve most or not at the comparison with the other ones you all wrote?

With my best wishes,

Grimm is one of my fave classics, still use him heaps with full emblems on 14* titans. Also nice in 4* tourneys

My ranking of blue classic 4* from most indispensable to least useful


However Sonya shoots to the top for me with costume, fast cleanse is very good

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Thank you for your reply @Infinite I have 3/27 Grimm and 2/37 Kiril. After Valen I will ascend Grimm but I have only 4 Warm Capes. At this situation I think I will hold mats for Kiril because Grimm’s skill is already at 8. Thanks a lot.


Grimm was the very first 4* I ever ascended, and I used him tons before I developed my 5* bench. He’s still part of the team against red titans though, and still used frequently in 4* tourneys, and occasionally he gets used if I need a second blue war team.

Between Grimm and Kiril, I’d ascend Grimm first unless you have no other healer besides Kiril.

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Thank you very much for your advice @rho I will ascend Grimm first because I have C-Hawkmoon and Grevle ascended. And I C-Rigard and Melendor level 1 for now.