Warm Capes - Isarnia vs Kiril

Curious to get anyone’s opinion about leveling Isarnia over Kiril. Boyfriend feels like he wasted his first four capes ascending Isarnia to 4^, only to need another four at max (is it true we need another four?)

Was this a bad move? Should he have gone with Kiril first? I’ve heard it said a strong 4* team is more beneficial to max first before working on 5*. But I think Isarnia is plenty powerful.

+1 for Kiril 1st, I have 2nd Kiril almost maxed, and have another 2 Kiril in bench at 1.1 (will level later).


I you are newbie I will suggest lvl 3* and 4* before 5*. They are cheaper to full lvl. You will need deeper rooster in order to be able to get more rare ascension materials needed to lvl 5* to final ascension.


Here you can check AM needed for each element and rarity.

5* tier 3 are same AM to 4* tier 4.


That’s more Kiril than I think I would ever use! Why so many @jinbatsu?

Ooh, thanks for this @Stunab! So do you know if we need to ascend a final time after we finish leveling up fourth ascension or does it go straight to Talent Grid?

You’ll use that many and then some in war. So multiples aren’t bad to have.

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My war team plan are like this setup, so 2 healer on each team.
But some times we need more blue if opponent are red tank coordinate.
But, this is just theory of my project plan leveling. It can be changed over time, of course and if I can get Ariel, maybe I will not level all 4x Kiril.


You need to ascend heroes to their final tier in order to be able to put emblems on them. That is tier 3 for 3* heroes and tier 4 to 4&5*
Once full lvld in those tiers you can start with talent grind.

So yes, when you full lvl tier 4 you go straight to talent grind

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I have found Kiril has better longevity than Isarnia anyhow. I don’t run into red war tanks so all she does is Titans and farming.

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In my honest opinion, I would max out Kiril first. Good luck

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Oof, well now I feel bad that he chose to use the capes on Isarnia. Hopefully he’ll be able to scrape four more up pretty quickly.

In the mean time I, myself, will be deciding between Kiril, Boril, Sonya, and maybe Capt of Diamonds. Prob will go with Kiril, as I know Boril gets squishy as the trophies stack, and I already have Caedmon to snipe/dispel.

Thanks for everyone’s input. Happy New Year!

Boril can be many things, but if we are talking about a max one, squishy is never one of them

He’ll get them. On a positive note, Kiril and Isarnia pair up really well. Kiril ups the attack and then Isarnia drops their defense.

@TheAcmeSalesRep, true. So would you put them in 1,2 positions or 2,3? I find Kiril pretty easy to kill so putting him at Tank is a no-go IMO.

Are we talking offense or defense?

On defense, I’d be very careful having them in together. You want to use a rainbow defense whenever possible.

On offense – which is what I was talking about since you control their specials then – there is much less difference between the different spots.

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Unless you have 8 capes and most of the telescopes to ascend isarnia to max, go Kiril first.

4* depth is what will make you a better and more useful player.

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Yes, he made a mistake IMO…unless he had 4 more capes and 6 scopes already.

Edit: I can now open a topic, so no answer is needed! Thx.

I don’t know how to open a topic, but this topic is similar…

Do I fully max Kiril or Isarnia first?

I have the mats for 1 max 5* blue and have got no other 5* blue nor a 4* max (unlucky in blue for a long time, but this changed now).
I’m f2p and have 2xTC20.

Kind regards

IMO Kiril 1st 100%, he is more versatile.

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