Warm cape location?


Need to know where to find warm capes!

Please share any ideas, thanks!


I think that’s one of those items you can’t farm by searching through provinces. They only get to you through Titan battles, Quests, and Wanted missions. I’m on the lookout for a cape too.

  • Titans
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare Wanted (purple) chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic Vision

Ascension items are rare and randomly drop from one of these places. Keep trying! :slight_smile:

Sell extra stuff

For completeness and because I’m bored I’ll list out all the ascension items that you can’t get on the map that people complain about:

  • Poison Darts
  • Royal Tabard
  • Mysterious Tonic
  • Mystic Rings
  • Farsight Telescope
  • Tome of Tactics
  • Damascus Blade
  • Compass
  • Fine Gloves
  • Hidden Blade
  • Orb of Magic
  • Sturdy Shield
  • Trap Tools
  • Warm Cape

There are some other ascension items that are rare but can be found on the map, namely tall boots, scabbards, chainmail shirts and battle manuals. I think that’s everything.


You can always gamble and try buying one of the ascension packs too. I wouldnt recommmend it, but if you’re desperate you can try :slight_smile: