WarGames flaw: enemy putting out level 1 defense teams to limit points gained

In our current War, our enemy put up a number of weak defense teams rated with team powers of 800, 900, etc. This limits the amount of points we can get in battle.

What’s to stop enemies from fielding defense teams composed of 5 level 1 Heroes so that opponents can only get a few points on the battlefield?

I hate to say this, but Small Giant might have to use a team rating system based on cups. I don’t know–that’s why I posted this.

Any other ideas about this topic would be much appreciated.

You can get the same points. Take it like a present it should be an easy win for you, shouldnt it? Their whole ally is worth 2k points distributed across all their teams. Same applies for you. Oneshot the low teams with weak heroes and get extra points from bigger teams


This is the same as the 1 hero defense strategy. Ignore the weak teams during the first half of the war. Hammer the opponent’s best teams with the largest point values. In the second half when top line heroes become scarcer, selectively one-shot the weak teams per @Maaeetz.


It’s an unwritten rule in our alliance that if a weak team is fielded, intentionally or not, our our player with weaker teams get first crack at them. It gives them a chance to score points on their own without waiting for scraps.

I have strong bench teams and usually don’t even take my own kill shots. I rely on our players with weaker teams to finish them.

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Same in ours, @princess1

The only exception is when the need for a timer reset outweighs using a stronger team. Those timers are too important to ignore!

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You were right about the 2000 points, Maaeetz. Thanks
to everyone for your insights–we’re really giving our enemy a good pounding now :rage: