Warchest participation

Not sure if it is already added but the warchest looks bugged. It says my participation is 5%. Either this is calculated on the total which makes it strange because you expect a % based on the points of the chest / matches

Probably you participated in no more than 1 loss in war. That makes 1 point out of 18 which is roughly 5%

Bfore the update it stated that i was in all wars and i did not leave the alliance. Others in my allience seem to have a simular problem

Thats weird. In another thread the dude „forgot“ he left the alliance for short. You could send a screenshot of how long you‘ve been in the alliance to doublecheck

My guildy sent me a reminder that i did leave. Was out of the guild for an hour once so another guildy could come in for a few minutes during his vacation. Did not know it would fully reset the progress. Which is really lame to be honest…

Helping others out is destroyed this way. Or like we did before replace people during vacations is out of the option then …

Not the best implementation ingame tbh

It should at least remember your participation

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