War with a ghost alliance

When the war was declared, the alliance had many players. When the war started, there were only ex-members. No player left. Even the name of the alliance disappeared. We are fighting ghosts


You must be one scary alliance - they all ran away.


An easy win for your alliance then …


Why does our alliance never get these opponents? Time after time we’re fighting tough opponents who use all their flags …

For once I’d love an easy victory :smile:


Congrats on the easy win!!!?

5 war chest points for every one . Woo hoo

Leader probably dismantled the alliance


Enjoy the easy victory I know would

We had an alliance where 3 people called it quits before the war broke out. And strong people even, with TP over 4000! (I really wanted to write 9000). And because of that we were able to prevail. Never seen an entire alliance flee though. Maybe they’ve just seen your alliance, reevaluated their life choices, and disbanded?

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Was there anyone left to attack? Or did they leave after matching and before war started so no one was left to attack?

I believe - please correct me if I am wrong - that if you quit an alliance after matchmaking you’ re shown as [Ex-member] and still can be attacked, but you cannot participate in war unless you return -> easy win.

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