War ...war never change

But …lately

We have been warring with other alliance. And in many instance right after a war that they’ve won, the enemy ends up with 3 to 11 ex member.

This is not the first time …
Am I missing something…
I know about mercenaries… but this becomes a bit too regular a pattern to just ignore, and also 11 members is a lot .

Its like by doing that they can fight “lower tier” teams …

Just curious if this is a new format of exploit or just a different way to play.

Ah and to put things in perspective we are an alliance of 27 persons on a average of 4000 team power

During tge last AW our counterparts had 4 out of 13 ex members.
So far it is not enough to consider this a pattern.

We made a follow up . I can’t verify names for now …but they reformed as the counter for new match appeared…!??

I haven’t seen that many alliances loosing 11 members and then in a matter of hours reform to previous membership…

I posted that same question earlier but used a flaggable word (there is no dictionary) and it was deleted with 1 view.

Am I missing something or are you just wondering, why people leave an alliance right after war to chase titans for the PoV?

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