War value ? Or not!

What have you done?
Wars are for the team to get together and fight opponents!
It is such a disappointment now. 24hrs of talking to players in our team, directing them helping them, and no reward at the end but 3 gems and a red banner! I get more producing them myself!
Why? What are you guys doing to us?
My alliance is wanting to boycott wars from now on unless we get answers. And we are not alone
Please respond l


well my alliance won. But I picked up gems, an orb of magic, some gems, a summon token and grimoire dust. WIth Food and iron and some other things. Seems like the rewards are pretty good.


I’m bursting with excitement over my winning war loot of 2 loot tickets and 2 gems and farmable crap…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Don’t complain I got a wood sword and a red banner. That’s all for loosing 3500 vs 5000 against a team that was just twice strong than us.


Why does it matter what the loot is then?

People say they don’t like challenge events because the item usage outweighs the rewards, but that’s not the case with war. It doesn’t cost you anything to take part. You can’t burn through items. Whatever you get at the end, you’re not at a deficit.

War loot has always been trash. Why are you suddenly expecting to get showered in riches just because you took the time to actually chat to your teammates? (I hope my sarcasm comes across with that one)

Again, yes, war loot is awful but there’s no need to cry about it. Go ahead and boycott the next war, do you really think you’re getting some sort of one-up over SG? They lose nothing.

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1st place, score 390 and i got… 2 gems and the rest: pure garbage incl. 2 stupid tickets. And it’s always the same - loot is poor as hell. Only in the first war ever i got magic orb.

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I’m not too sure about that “not at a deficit” part. I don’t know about you but I surely have done quite some effort specifically to build at the depth of my hero roster. Quite a lot of 3star and 4star heroes got fed that otherwise would have been food themselves. Can’t say I’ve made a “profit” yet if you have to look at it that way. Needless to say the true profit is in the fun, I massively enjoy the wars.

Doesn’t change the fact that war victory loot isn’t very attractive, and that while SG has made improvements we’re still not really seeing them. And this is useful feedback to them - even when worded as a whine.

Boycotting the war is a signal to the devs: you’ve made something and we think it’s just not good enough so we refuse to play it. I do wonder if that’s a signal that’ll be picked up, most likely it’ll go lost in the noise of big server data.

Different strokes, I guess. I’ve certainly not gone out of my way to level up anyone I wouldn’t have bothered with otherwise, but that’s because I’ve never liked the War feature. That said, I had sufficient depth before they were introduced to allow me to focus on the heroes I genuinely wanted to invest in since wars began, and fill in the gaps with heroes I’ve levelled in the past and then shelved, but I can appreciate a large number of players haven’t been on board long enough to be in that position. Personally can’t see the appeal in forcing myself to ascend heroes I don’t want to just for the sake of one aspect of a game with several modes but hey, that’s just me.

Constructive criticism will always trump whining, threads like this have become a pandemic across this forum and the game general chat, to the point where I will actively avoid them now, whereas before I was eager to engage with the games community. Wars are still in their infancy, I am sick to death of seeing people demand that something is done about loot and matchup quality. People need to accept that matching cannot be accurately tested within beta, the scope just isn’t there with the number of players, and even footing that they are all on. Yes, victory loot is bad and could/should have been rectified before rollout, but it has been upped since launch; not enough, but could be upped again in the future, I would be very surprised if it wasn’t. Spitting your dummy out and justifying it by explaining how you had to speak to alliance members isn’t the answer.

And if I were to cherry-pick the OP. he claims that all he got was a bear banner and 3 gems. Sorry, either he’s grossly exaggerating or that is defeat loot - where is the injustice there?

Not the first time and not the last time. In my alliance we share 11 top 1 place between 4. Two of them were defeat so we got a wood sword. On others I got an orb and a blade for 6 first place. Others nothing.
There’s nothing to expect from AW loot.

You know there are some parameters SG can check without beta about AW. They have made a matching system. That’s great. But even before going to beta, you can first test it on your DB, review several parameters of the matched teams(number of players, team power, sum of levels in the team, number of attacks, max points they can do and for sure others I can’t figure out now because I don’t see the DB :)), and then check if it is accurate or not. I don’t know if they did it but I don’t think so.

You would have to assume those testings are done using a stable set of hypothetical statistics so they’re able to track authenticity accurately; a live alliance is anything but stable, members are coming and going, players are levelling heroes, summoning new ones, eating old ones each minute. The level of data required is a minefield. As far as war is concerned, the beta run was actually alpha testing, and we’re all taking part in beta testing together now. People are writing off something that’s still in its infancy.

I globally agree with you but not on the stable set of hypothetical statistics. Alliance are moving, that’s a fact. But several parameters are true at one time:

  • Number of people in the alliance
  • Sum of levels in the alliance
  • Sum of power
  • roster depth per member. I don’t study enough stats to figoure out how to exploit this one correctly but other people on the forum provide good explanation on this one.
    and much more.

Matching is done 24 hours before war starts. You should not expect a big change in such time and SG can still validate one hour before war if match is still relevant or not then change it. There is nothing to do in those 24 hours than reviewing power of other team.

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