War "Unexpected Error", e.g. war.target.dead, war.no_attacks_left, war.invalid_team

Got this error message when I tried to attack a team in war. Is it really just a glitch? I tried attacking twice before I gave up. I don’t want to lose a war flag on a disconnect or something.

And no, the target wasn’t dead. This error occurred within the first half hour of the war and others confirmed that the target was still alive on the battlefield.


Also, All the defeated members are marked as [ex-member]

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Here is a screenshot

And now we have even more ex-members

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When you check the alliance are those still in the alliance?
Or are they really gone?

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They are in the alliance and even for the opponent I see many ex-members

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If they are really gone that’s a good thing!

I entered the war and even if I had the good connection made me out of losing an attack !! Below I leave the link with the video

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Received the notice:


This was just as I clicked attack for my third. It spun for a moment, then said that error. It wasn’t true, but then it was, because I was robbed of that 3rd flag.

Attached the screenshots of the error message, a Speedtest on my home WiFi (great results), and of course proving that I didn’t get 3 attacks. Note: 0 flags left, but only 2 attacks from me.

Error Message:

0 Flags, ONLY 2 Attacks.

Full history of this early war so far. You can see, JA7833 and only my 2 attacks

A zero showed up later, but I didn’t attack.

My Speedtest. Great WiFi

I had the same problem today and i lost my best heroes,and lost flag.What can i do now with that?


Trying to upload again

0 Flags, ONLY 2 Attacks.

Full history of this early war so far. You can see, JA7833 and only my 2 attacks.

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I am having the same issues with the missing war energy! Went to start 3rd war, then had an error message then 0 war flags!!


Please fix this!

Just checked and my 3rd Wave of Heroes is gone. So bogus!

That is so bogus, @Zebra_Jockey.

@Darianna I agree. I’m not sure how to fix it. Not fair.

@Rook @Kerridoc
Possible to merge with this thread?

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@HarryDeB @Rook @Kerridoc

Saw that thread, but it’s different.

Different error.

My opponent isn’t dead.

Only similarity: Wars just seem to be broken.

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My ally also lost attack because error message


I have the same problem


Wars is seriously glitching for a member of my alliance also. Aza has attacked three times, but the game shows four attacks (impossible at the time in the game, since no new war flags yet) and the two zero scores were an attack that resulted in 2 dead opponent heroes but are showing as two attacks of 0.

I am reporting it, because Aza was also experience glitches in the reporting process.

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@JA7833 @anon39993326 @Kopacz pull your screen shots down, your account numbers are showing.

I cropped my screen shot before posting to avoid giving away my account to random forum readers.

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