War Unbalanced Teams

Currently, we’re warring an alliance that fielded with 18 and we’ve fielded 17.

The points system seems skewed and unfavorable. Most their teams give 82-86 max points. Whereas we are worth 90-96 points per flag. To add, they have an additional 6 flags.

Shouldn’t this be opposite? Since matchmaker has paired us with a team that fields 1 more for an additional set of flags, shouldn’t the devs spread the points out more evenly, heck…perhaps keep the points scale equal since we are at a 6 flag disadvantage?

Below, we are flag depleted. They have 6 flags remaining. Sad times.

even though your 6 flags to a disadvantage. From what I gather war is based on all your teams when alliance match making. So you may have a stronger bench then the other team

Strongest 5 heroes from each person. Not exactly sure how matchmaking works when odd teams are paired. But this isn’t about matchmaking, I’m actually somewhat okay with the one team disadvantage. What I’m not okay with, is the points distribution. There needs to be a counter to that. 6 flag disadvantage wouldn’t be that big a deal, if they weren’t worth less points per flag, for having a 1 extra team advantage.

The point imbalance is only for individual teams. Overall both sides are still worth 1500 (± a few for roundup) total. Admittedly you have six fewer flags but the way matching is supposed to work with this is you should have a higher score to compensate (meaning better heroes theoretically).

Doesn’t always work out as intended though.

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Yeah, I don’t think it did in this case, they were one shotting 4600 teams just the same as we.

Admittedly, this match up is really rare. At least the first time I’ve ever been on the downside of it. So I suppose it’s a non-issue and hopefully never see it again once we fill back up.


The War matchmaking puts the “opted in” members as the FIRST preference in matchmaking… It will not (to the best of my knowledge) ever match you with an alliance with more/less members who are Opted in to participate in the war.

what DOES happen tho is an alliance member on either side can be REMOVED from the battlefield if they do not set a defence with 6 heroes in it…

This is what I think happened… You had an 18th member opted into war, however during the pre-battle preparation phase, the 18th member did not set-up a viable defence team & hence was removed from the battlefield…

All 18 used 6 flags.


I didn’t say anything about flags…?

I’m sayin that i believe there was an 18th member on YOUR team who was opted into war at the start of matchmaking…

They either LEFT the alliance or DIDN’T setup a proper defence team & hence were not on the battlefield… thus leaving you with 17 members vs. 18

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Ahh, I see. That’s quite possible, in fact likely.

However, the issue still remains however the amount of teams left with, whether by fault of mm or removal of a team. The points distribution isn’t right, for being at odds.

The points are distributed within the team with no regard for the opponents. 1500 points are spread in two sets:

500 split evenly between all teams,
1000 split based on defense health score of each team.

With 18 members each is worth 500/18 + their share of 1000.

With 17 members each is worth 500/17 + their share of 1000.

The 500 point split alone makes each member of the 17-team alliance worth an extra point. The share of the 1000 will also result in extra points per team.

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There used to be a lot of unbalanced wars. I think they figured out their war score only works when the teams have the same player count, so they put higher priority into even count matchups. Haven’t had an unbalanced war in over six months.

I think this picture is better describing a war matchmaking system. The only problem with matchmaking I’ve seen, is when the new Alliance is filled with strong players.

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That must be nice. I was just destroyed: 5420 vs 842; all flags played😭

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