War Tutorial - on demand option? Can’t join war


Seems like I cannot compete in wars due to not having completed the war tutorial. Have never seen a tutorial and it does (did) not come up automatically. Is there a way to do the tutorial on demand so that I can compete in a war?


I have a guy in my alliance he was told the same thing customer support helped zilch if they decide to answer it would be great to know as this player wants to be in wars as well


I have the same issue. I have never had the option to do anything in the war tab. It only says the war starts soon, even when my alliance is in a war. I have contacted support three times and they only say they are working on it.


I’m having the same trouble.


Me too, help me join war please



Je rencontre le même problème et cela m’est fort dommageable et frustrant à la fois :frowning:.

Vivement la version 17…

Bonne journée.


I’m having the exact same issue. Hopefully it’s corrected soon! :frowning:


I, too, am having this same issue. What gives?


I’m having the same issue and have tried everything! Has anyone had any luck?


Still a problem. Alliance member unable to join War or find Tutorial today


Submit a ticket and keep pounding the ticket. They fixed it after a few backandforths.


Thanks for the advice


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