War tutorial BEFORE the matchmaking or EMPTIED the war participation box

I’m not sure how this tutorial worked but based on the members of my alliance, they manage to go through the tutorial when they reached level 12. Ok, that’s settled there.

But one thing that I’m concerned about, the tutorial can only be done during the preparation phase? Because when I ask my other members to do the tutorial before that, they can’t.

And, the thing that I don’t prefer here is, the tutorial must be done during preparation phase. To be available in preparation phase, the member must opt in to join the war. So, their presence must have been calculated into the WAR SCORE, which is included during the MATCHMAKING.

I’m not sure for another alliance, but for me, I don’t want a member who newly reached level 12 to join the war. They just not strong enough. Even if they completed the tutorial, emptied their war defense team and opt out, the war score is already calculated into the matchmaking, end up we have to fight stronger enemy.

So to SG, I hope tutorial can be done before matchmaking. Or just untick the war participation box or not include the war score of the members who didn’t pass the tutorial yet. Thank you.

You certainly have not correctly established the requirements for joining your alliance. You are doing it wrong if you let low level players to join in, and then not letting them to participate in wars.

Your recruitment message should go something like this:
“If you are a lvl 12 player with 1500 TP, keep moving, we don’t want you here. We need strong veterans players like me with at least 4100 TP and 100 fully leveled heroes”

Please don’t generalize all alliance recruits new members in same way. Each alliance have their own way to accept the members.

We accept members with any level and any trophies. They can stay to fight titan n leveled up from there, we are ok with that.

But when in participating wars, we don’t encourage our members who don’t have enough TP to join the war. And member with level 12 usually still need more levelling up to do. I DO place requirements in the alliance header for members with TP above 2000 to join the war. But we still accept those low member to stay n fight titan. When they get stronger enough, only then they can join the war.

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(If anyone still reads this) Waawaa, you don’t understand how war and matchmaking work. I am very happy to have a couple of low level players in war (they are calculated in).
But, the best reason is that when we are behind and trying to win and one of us falls short of finishing off a really strong opponent “THE LAST THING WE WANT TO DO IS” have our strong players waste a flag to finish off a 4500+ player who only has one or two heroes left (maybe 70 or 80 points). Especially if we need a respawn to get choice targets for the win.

BUT, wait, there is more! When the enemy is trying to catch up and has 4 flags left and they need 800 points to win, OH! there it is, they have to finish the board and kill that level 12 player who isn’t worth very much (throw one flag away for only 120 points).

War is complex. My alliance went from wondering when we would win our first war to being a force to be dealt with! When you think we are dead we are alive and if you think you have won we are coming to get you!

And, since this is an old topic, the new update is that you shouldn’t deny a low level player the chance to become strong by blocking his path of valor!

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