War Troops dropping to level 1

I’m currently in a war with my alliance. We have about 6 hrs left. I would attack an opponent with a lower team strength and lower troop strength as my strategy but would notice that one of my players was dying quicker than normal. After my final strike I go and check my team defense and found my character Colen dropped from a level 7 4* to a level 1 1*!? Why would this happen!? This has cost me and my alliance points and for the money and time I spent to make my team stronger I find this unacceptable on the programmers. I feel cheated that this happened and this was not a error on my end. I set my defense team up well before the war started and to find this in the middle of a war upsets me. I feel I should be compensated for this and this bug should be fixed so others do not find themselves with the same issue. Compensation for a 5* would be nice. Here is photo evidence
Alliance is California Dreaming in a war now with 5hrs left.

Please resolve this I and my team would appreciate it.

That ususlly happens, when you chance your war defence team and there are already red hero, which you chance after Colen. Game puts available troop there. My advice is to check your troops everytime you make any chance to your team

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That looks like some mistake/misclick when (re)assigning the troops. I see that your 4* red troop previously assigned to Colen is now assigned to Elena. So if you reassigned that troop and forgot to assign new troop to Colen, the game simply chose the next available troop.

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