War training?

One of my members can’t opt out of war so shows this message. Anyone heard of this

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Correct, 1st everyone if reach level 12, enter war tutorial until finish the war (the content of tutorial is in the war action).
After tutorial end, then they can op-out war in the next schedule.

Yep. They have to do the tutorial before they can opt out. This is one of the “features” I wish they would remove.

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K cause they don’t have 30 heroes so was wanting some input from thanks

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My alliance had the same issue with our new members. We actually had them leave and create a separate alliance just so they could do their tutorial. It was stupid and unnecessary IMO but it was the only way to keep them from being forced to participate in our wars.

I’m with ya on the stupid idea. But we will help them out as much as I can

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Yep, the downside is that you will have an extra opponent to fight in the war, and your lowbies might not be able to use all their flags. The upside is that your average war score (per member) will drop slightly, so your opponent might be easier.

And your lowbies can always use training camp fodder for their flags - might not score many points, but sometimes you can actually pull off an easy mop up with unleveled Laylas and Aifes, etc. :wink:

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