War timer - visual bug?

Will there be war on this weekend? Instead of usual “matchmaking starts in XY hours” I see only “next war starts soon” announcement on the war screen.

Mine has the timer running as usual. Matchmaking starts in 3 hours 27 minutes, it says.

Do you have the latest update yet?

Yes, I have the usual countdown timer too. The war is going ahead as normal…

The same thing also happens to me, I have updated the game

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Weird. Now I looked again and the timer is there. It wasn’t five minutes ago. And yes, I have v22 installed.

Maybe the title should be edited so as to not cause a huge panic.

I changed it before @zephyr1 is faced with hundreds of threads and panicked players :grin:

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Thank you. No need for panic.

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I just had the same question. On V22.

Not trying to cause a panic. Just wondering what’s up.

EDIT: now it says matchmaking in 3 hours. Weird.

I also have the same issue and have the new update. Am on Android.

All it said was “war starts soon” until after the 3 hr mark was reached. Then the timer started.


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