War timeline and start times – Allow Alliance Leader to Select Time

War should have a global start time that can be controlled by the alliance leader. Either make the start time available for the leader to set in a 12 hour window. The war still would last 24 hours but, would only begin with the guidance of the leader. Each team would have 24 hours from that point to rack up as many points as possible. Problem that exists now and in this scenario is as follows. Knowing that the opposing team is not likely to overcome a point difference leads to stronger teams leaving flags unused. This allows an alliance to win but, not show how strong they are in war. “Sandbagging” or falsely appearing weaker than you really are with trophies/cups.

I’m trying to understand what you are saying about “sandbagging”.

I’m not sure why it’s a problem to have an opponent appear weaker with cups? It doesn’t affect the match up.

I’m just a bit confused by what you’re saying.

This is the actual problem you’ve identified. Presuming you’re going to win is a good way to lose.

If alliances just consistently use their flags, and do their best, then this isn’t an issue.

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I don’t think having the 2 Alliances having different times to complete the war would be as fun. I would want to have my alliance complete there attacks and have to wait up to 12 hours to see what happens. And if your alliance quits because they think they’ve won you surely haven’t been in enough wars where the other Alliance over come the big lead you had in the last few hours to end up beating you.

We always use all our flags and we use them to the best we can. Regardless of whether we are winning or losing and regardless of the point difference.

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