War, the great problem of the Ex-member you Vote

Eliminating the former member’s team if it is before the war is fine, but what happens if it is during the war!!!

Before the war but after matchmaking?

At least if Ex-Member is there it wastes more of opponent’s flags for the flips. With it removed it makes situation worse.

If the issue is the unfairness then we need a way to allocate the Ex-Member flags to others – but then that can lead to other abuses like kicking weakest player to give flags to stronger teammate.

There is no good answer without throwing out the matchmaking.

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There is a specific game that I also play, in which, if there is such a thing as what is discussed here, then the game automatically makes that team unavailable.

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I don’t see being opted out and having an explanation as to why a “penalty”.

Did you not want a “cooling off” period for missing six flags? Game doesn’t distinguish reasons.

It’s not left empty or full automatically. The setting is whatever you set it as last.

I’ve seen it happen a few times mercing that people forget to uncheck it and end up on the battle field of several alliances because of the staggered matchmaking times. Solution is, once your home matchmaking is over, to uncheck, Merc at will (it stays unchecked) and check back in one you’re home again

problem as old as alliance war itself. nobody cares. recruit better players or join an alliance that already has them, problem solved.